Back to this multipolarist Persian genealogist I linked to recently. He designates the peak of Iranian civilization to be the poetry of Hafez and his controversial thesis is that it is neither Islamic or Zoroastrian but rather Mithraic. While “Mithraism” usually evokes an ancient Roman cult it was originally from Persia.

Did you know about their greatest poets’ historical situation?

Rumi and Hafez as exemplary of this mystical faith. Both men lived lives marked by the Mongol colonization of Iran.

The Mongols killed half their population. This was in the 1200s. The Islamic conquest of Persia was in the 600s. They instituted Shi’ism in the 1500s. So when these poets lived you can think of as a time of anomie and in-betweenness. Go to the Farsinet and they’re usually debating whether these poets are Sunnis or Shi’ists. This genealogist, like Corbin, is going back earlier than that divide. Needless to say, we’re getting into some extremely “niche” perspectives on Iran.

What is Mithraism?

until the nineteenth century, the Divân of Hafez and the Masnavi of Rumi had a status on par with that of the Quran itself in a geographical expanse from Ottoman Southeastern Europe to Mughal northern India.

Who is even able to glimpse through the Zionist propaganda at this point? They’ll always be “Quran dogmatists” in our eyes, won’t they? Likewise, they’ll always “not have invented our technology”. Maybe our technology messed us up. “They execute people.” If you don’t want all the crypto-heads of the “CIA” executed you’re a sold-soul. Lots of lesser shabbos goys would probably be better off executed too. For the sake of the children.

My point here is What is the true nature of this “evil empire”? It’s not “Muhammadism” exactly, because the Imams. And then Zarathustra is also mixed in there. And now Mithra? This genealogist makes the bold claim that Iran is more of a true, distinct civilization unto itself than Russia. I’m willing to hear him out.

Can we understand the wars in the middle east and our subsequent idea of “terrorism” without awareness of the background involving the East India Company?

The British destroyed this culture, and their presence in both India and Eastern Iran (i.e. Afghanistan) laid the groundwork for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism by cutting these regions off from the heartland of Iran.

This Jorjani as far as I can tell is evasive about the “Radhanites”. Yes, the British East India Company, let’s call it that. Surprising as it is, people tend to not want to know the real “history of capitalism”, even if they and their families live at the whim of its contemporary manifestation.

Zoom out for a second and look at this post in the context of my previous post. I’m trying to get a better idea of a people that reminds me of the Normans…

“They’re living in the 1400s alright!” Like that’s a bad thing. Besides, Normans survived into the 1800s, maybe even the 1900s, just definitely not the 2000s.

Man, this is a sweet combo- Heismanian historiography + the Guenonian conception of the regression of castes (not to pat myself on the back or anything). Heisman is crucial for understanding exactly why and how the Euros have fallen.

Whoa, I just made the connection- how about the War of the Roses in light of the following?

It was only about 150 years after the Crusades that the Neville-Percy feud began.

Even people with a sketchy knowledge of the Crusades know about the Order of Assassins. What they don’t know is they were Shi’ists. The thought of Normans and Shi’ists clashing in the Holy Land, and that the latter ended up being closer to nobility in the present-day… I don’t expect you to follow this, Jesse.

By the way, I consider all this to be the unraveling of the telos contained in Nietzsche’s genealogy, as counter-intuitive as a lot of it might seem. Try to find one quackademic that takes it 1/100th this far.

“Oh no, the medieval aristocracy, oh no, the confederacy, oh no, Islamic terrorists, oh noooooo!”

Anyway though, be careful with this genealogist in question- he has certain “Masonic” qualities. The type of westernized Shi’ist they could use to undermine Iran from within. Still, a creative thinker. There’s actually an interesting superstructure that can be detected here. A genealogist you can do a genealogy OF. Writing a genealogy of Iran from within the Sabbatean horizon… Eh not the worst text to muse on though.

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