It helps to get the picture here when you are reminded that “far-right” types hate all of this also. It’s a great chain of being, and if the ones on the far right of it don’t get it then don’t expect anyone left of them to understand it either.

From my perspective, this is objective and no one wants to admit it. If the far-right sells its soul then it’s really obvious the center right, the left, center left and far-left are going to sell their soul also.

I know you probably want to have friends. Most people, if you look at them closely, have no potential to be your friend.

All these different types of leftism, from the far-left to the far-right, are an enemy you pretend to be a friend. “The Jews are overwhelming, what else can you do?” Someone who asks that question is my enemy.

So the question that arises is what do they do to affirm their shabbos-goyness?

They HIDE you if you disagree and say they’re a form of leftism. They want you scapegoated and preferably to kill yourself. This is the onward march of the orcs.

I always claim to be a modest person, it’s just when I look at world events through my blue eyes I can’t help seeing lots of really sad niggers everywhere.

You don’t have any dignity or integrity and you’ve just learned to embrace it…

Sounds like a timeless person. Your corporate cut-out will be remembered ten years from now, you probably won’t. “We need a new dispensable shabbos goy, STAT” and now “you” are playing their degrading game in 2032.

I’d prefer to be someone they keep hidden and need various “concealment” methods to keep hidden. Once again I remind you the supposed “far-right” is part of this concealment, and I invite you to reflect on that.

“So they’re all leftists, all plebs, all niggers, in your terminology?” It’s a grim life to accept that.

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