BEFORE Sumer, now that’s a notion

This “Banjo Billy” person is a genius. Another alias he uses is “G-d”, and he might as well be, at least of Mesopotamian genealogy.

The first “number mystics” used a base-60 (rather than base-10) counting-system – what could this mean? The Mesopotamians used it for 3000 years. It was a brain shaped by that system they took with them to Kievan Rus.

“usury”, “time payments’ and that diabolical invention known as “compound interest”, were all refined to a high business science by the Sumerians… that grand larceny known as “business math” upon which our modern burdens of high taxes, national debts and banking swindles are firmly bound.

Marx and Nietzsche WISH they wrote this genealogy. Both of them were probably necessary to create the conditions where this would be written. It’s a cornerstone of any Antiversity that isn’t built on fraudulence. I’m not going to fault him for his non-academic style, I just hope that his study inspires academically-structured studies.

Jews wanted to be the main character of history, and little did they know they’d end up starring as a con-artist.

Think of how lowly the shabbos goys are in light of that. THAT is who you decide to team up with, okay.

I used to know someone who coped about this by telling themselves That’s the world, and The only option is to join the criminals. Is that you? Well glad you’re self-aware of it at the moment then.

This whole study is so good

I always have a handful of specific people in mind when I post these things. Even if the above is 100% true I don’t think it bothers them all that much. The rationalization hamster runs on its wheel in their brain.

“I’m doing good in the world!” AHAHAAHAHAH!!!

You only feel mad if you know I’m right, keep that in mind. It’s not like you’re much different from those monsters at the end of the day, that’s why it doesn’t bother you too much.

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