This is a trip to see on the Sinonet when I look up “Opium Wars” on Baidu

从利益归属上看,犹太资本财团将世界500年来的财富大部分都已经收入囊中,光脚的不怕穿鞋的,有钱更 是怕死,犹太会压上所有财富跟中俄玩命?退一步讲,即使玩命,打核大战,中俄肩并肩,犹太有什么胜 算?犹太资本是最大既得利益集团,当核弹落到以色列头顶上之时,犹太就要好好考虑考虑了。
历史上,从1963年肯尼迪被刺杀,犹太逐步控制美国外交以后,美国的外交战略就从堂堂正正变得阴诡狼 琐

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so much geopolitical realism in one small block of text.

I usually don’t say the word based. The Chinese are looking pretty based when they talk this way

从1840年到2020年的历史鞭策下,中国必将用犹 太资本的鲜血洗刷中国150年的民族耻辱。历史绝对不会重演,中华民族必将伟大复兴,我们绝不允许任何 「狼子野心敌人打断中国的崛起之路。明天就是八一建军节,顺祝所有中国军人节日快乐!

If this viewpoint went mainstream in China this would be a huge problem for the Jews. Possibly a deadly problem.

I already told you fools to use your Euro IQs to make viral Chinese-language media about these subjects in order to have this effect of creating a deadly enemy. There are more on Baidu than a couple years ago at least that are aware it wasn’t the British that caused their Century of Humiliation. In an ideal future, the Chinese will team up with the British against them. London has been used as their prostitute for how many centuries now?

Anyway, this article is from 2020, and I think the COVID obsessives will be interested in seeing this


You really should click that link. These are unprecedented levels of realism one can only expect from a Far Eastern country.


Remember that Saudi clan that has 1.4? That’s nothin’. And that’s why so few are willing to stand up against them. They consistently make up other reasons why they don’t of course.

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