If the last comment here were mainstream in China (which I don’t think it is) they’d probably ingratiate themselves with other BRICS countries as they bide their time subtly flipping Chinese opinion

That first emoji is popular on the Sinonet. That Chinaman who used it has an awareness above those in the US who actively carry out the Khazarians’ plans. Just imagine a Chinaman looking at you with that face as you do that.

See, even in the next comment, a bad sign

They’ll exploit it however they NEED to exploit it. Telling the truth, telling the Chinese their real opinion, don’t be quaint.

You don’t see this broad outlook on the Rusnet, they’re usually focused on their role in Russia alone

The irony though is that (((Marx))) is thoroughly ingrained in so much of their casual conversation…

I can see these cretins playing that card too. The men growing a beard like Marx’s. You know these actor-kikes would do that.

They have the advantage of not having had their instincts ruined by Christianity for centuries at least

I swear they’re more aware than they were a couple years ago – maybe that Song Hongbing book got more popular since then?

Last night I had a dream a girl was shooting me with bolts with a crossbow. Offering Chinese women false promises is one of the main ways I anticipate they’ll flip antisemites in China. Because gender equality isn’t a high priority over there (at least yet). Some Chinese aren’t ignorant to this strategy.

Anyway, like I’ve said before, China is one of the most ambiguous countries in terms of the extent to which it’s been infiltrated. So I’m asking Baidu about that specifically.

I think the stark realism one finds on the Sinonet is evidence of the lack of infiltration. More Jewish infiltration, less realism. More Jews, more illusions in one’s country. There are some good examples of this realism in this article.

This is so tragic

Meh, Iran isn’t Marxist, don’t toot your own horn too much. He’s right about the “cage” here though. The key has been thrown away, and there is only lock.

A further research topic

Apparently they’re highly flattering of the Chinese, and their audience mysteriously emerges with favorable opinions about Jews. 3 billion views a month.

While I find it useful to go down the back alleyways of the internet to get a taste of the town, know that Hongbing book is read by high officials of the CCP also. People in these forums and articles might even be this aware because of a top-down effect from their government.


One netizen reports that the following (and others like it) is commonly found in airports and bookstores

Not something that can be said of Iran.

Apparently this group’s target audience is mainly teenagers

This theme isn’t hard to find on the Sinonet

They might use algorithms to delete posts if certain people or corporations are named

Jewish capital may also need an agent to hold shares and switch hands to invest, but many domestic capital giants have already fallen to the Jewish door. I won’t say who it is.

Click here for more. Most of the Chinese people in that thread are superior to the shabbos niggers of the US. Why is it that I always imagine eating shabbos niggers like steaks? Probably because I have the conviction in my very marrow that they truly are not human.

My thoughts are in the long-term here, approximately the year 2150. The initial seeds are being planted for a future ZOG-crop.

A word they keep repeating at least is “vigilance”.

Maybe on a different timeline I’m speaking here to a people for whom it isn’t too late. That isn’t this timeline.

At least I can somewhat track who their next victim will be, there’s some meaning in that I guess.

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