I had to learn from the Rusnet last year that it wasn’t only Australia that was a criminal dumping-ground for Europe, it was America too

This is the most scathing thing I’ve seen for a while. It’s a nation of immigrants alright. The Mexicans of Europe, and now a good percentage are Mexicans from Mexico.

Earlier incarnations of you were probably easily jewed in Europe, and your present incarnation is easily jewed now. How else to explain it? A slave remains a slave throughout the generations.


Now that’s what I call comedy.

In this sense, if you’re anxious about the US turning non-majority white, that time has already arrived.

English 7%, German 14%, French 3%, Dutch 1%, Norwegian 1%, etc. And those are just some of the less “questionable” ones. And even those Germans that moved here, why’d they move? Just on the surface it’s only about 30%, and half of those are probably orcs as it is.

Hey I don’t claim exceptional pedigree myself, I just think it says something that I talk about this subject at all, and the above image about the mud monster from the old world is so funny to me.

It’s palpable that the US is already a majority non-white country. White people with turd souls, that’s what you should learn to see everywhere.

Isn’t that odd that we’re taught that Australia was a criminal dumping-ground and the immigrants that arrived in America were innocent with infinite potential?

No, this place also magnetized the worst of the worst.

30% say… and not even half of those… half of a half of a half if I had to guess. It might actually be around the same ~3% the Jews have, there’s just no cohesion among them. Hence Jewish control.

Sorry to burst your bubble, it is a true caste-system here with the vast majority being the brainless nigger slaves that follow orders without question.

And then the 3% perhaps aren’t brainless and follow orders because they see this as “pragmatic”.

We are living amongst the old world mud monster. This is who carries out the will of the jews. 3% (of which I include their mischling co-conspirators) can’t do much without their old world mud monster.

The braindead “whites” you see all around you are your enemy almost as much as the jew. They have full control of their minds. This is the way the jew expands its population. When you look at population statistics you should include most whites as “jew”. The US is already a jewish majority. Everyone is in lockstep with their agenda besides 3%, and only a minute fraction of that 3% ever admits anything in public. People like me are pillars of anti-totalitarianism. It’s pretty much a 99.9% controlled state.

It’s not that you should credit jews for not creating so much mud as you see from european countries, because they’re just mud that happens to be good at tribalism and business. In the utopia the 3% of whites represent we would not have those things that the jews are so proud of themselves about. We believe in distinct individuals and we reject Mammon.

All jews are the same, they’re One Shekel Coin.

“Your philosophers should have thought of that, goy!” Yes, they should have, and that’s why I’m taking it upon myself to think it out. They were too concerned with higher things than you jews care about. You’re right though, they should have anticipated this in order to prevent such vile creatures as you from having any sway whatsoever among civilized people.

As much as jews love diamonds and gold they are distinctly superstitious about the spiritual instantiations of those things. Rewriting history is their way of burying diamonds and gold under a mile of mud. I say superstitious because they are tribalistically unable to touch them. They’re diamonds and gold with an aura of taboo and mana. Their demiurge commands them to bury evidence of the divine.

That’s what whites are, and that’s what’s happening in the world. Anyone who naturally looks down on the One Shekel crime gang needs to be disappeared otherwise the rest of the world will know that what this gang is spreading isn’t good for their country. Once whites are half latino (fool’s gold) then the Chinese won’t hear any suspicious opinions, and they can plunder them next, smoothly without any turbulence.

Oh you’re part of that? Nice. And for what? I don’t expect any substantial answer, the jews don’t have one either.

“Because we hate Truth and Beauty, and have coal-souls.” That’s the answer I can determine for you since you don’t have an answer yourself.

The mud monster from the old world, just a figment of the imagination, not real at all.

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