The old world mud monster

I actually relate to the Westjuden in this moment. Because they have to live under the politics of the old world mud monster of Eastern Jewry.

Do not meet most people at “the docks”, you will only be horrified at how low a level they are at.

Even for us reactionaries we tend to have high expectations for people because we were taught equalism all our lives too, and it can’t be fully deprogrammed, so it’s a plight of constantly being let down.

“Don’t enter into a social relation with the n-word in mind, have hope!” Even the coldest of us are like that. The problem is, they only keep proving what they are. Fourth-generation old world mud monster in the case of many Euros. For Saxons it goes back many more generations than four. The Mayflower mud monster.

You have to explain it all somehow, you can’t just blame the Jews for everything. The American population is scum with or without them, possibly from the beginning, and certainly over time increasingly so. Equality is the basis of the country, only a type of decadent would make that the rule.

To be fair, equality is a desperate solution to tyranny, and it does seem old Europe was plagued by despotism. Both equalists and despots are symptoms that a people is on its way out. Equalism didn’t solve the problem, it only solved the problem of despotism, and turned into its own, new problem that is perhaps worse than despotism.

I try to pretend I’m not speaking to old world mud monsters when I’m here because I want to help people to understand things at the level I do, a level which is suppressed by all our institutions. So can you endure it for a second? I know what the “answer” is, people just don’t want to accept it. If a nigger is acting like a nigger, tell them “Stop being a nigger.”

The white apes are hysterical and hostile about you telling this to them. “Who’s gonna stop me?? Not you. And Jews aren’t going to stop me either, so why wouldn’t I defend them?” Can you just try to stop being a nigger?

That is the answer. It isn’t about blacks, it isn’t even about Jews. It’s about whites who want to live in a world where they can live easy and act like niggers without anyone questioning them.

I’m not only talking about white liberals. This is the majority of the right too.

A country that was founded by old world mud monsters can only create citizens in its likeness.

How about you just stop being a nigger? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I’m suggesting it, as your friend, or whatever you want to call it. Can you just try to stop?

Religion doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is race (and to a lesser extent gender). So what I’m attempting here is for you to contemplate being a “born-again”. You’ve fallen in your ways, slowly and gradually turned out to be a sad sad nigger, and now I want you to face that. Are you sure you want to keep being that way? It’s up to you to decide, every human has some degree of freewill, otherwise race wouldn’t be a debate at all. Michael Jackson had it right to bleach his skin and get a nose job. In that sense he’s above the shabbos goys.

Just trying to help, because I think I know the real meaning behind equality, and also communism. If everyone is truly equal in a commune they would be able to talk like I do about all this.

Can you imagine a woman doing what I do? Or a Mexican? I show them a model they can attempt to emulate. This is what it means to be a person, fighting totalitarianism with millions of people who would be happy if you died. Try it out. The major obstacle in our hyper-propagandized time is the bare minimum of adopting Michael Jackson’s attitude. Jews as the main character of humanity is a pseudo-history, they’re not a people you want to emulate. The proof of that is that it leads to emulating people who dance around fires in loincloths and live in huts, whether they have wypipo clothes and wifi now or not.

The relativism that jews promote is the easy way out. Fighting their shekel-totalitarianism and legions of golem-slaves is the difficult path. I try to set a high standard for the women, plebs, and browns to follow and they simply can’t in most cases. And look at me, having hope enough to write this at all, I must be an equalist of sorts.

I myself might be one with fallen America in that way.

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