“Who is hottest in your mind?” If you can’t intuit my “fuck marry kill” list you aren’t invited to my wedding in the sky, duh.

Fuck ——–

Marry ——-

Kill (myself)

I’m just joking. The woman you think is the most beautiful of anyone in the planet is obviously something you should treat frivolously.

If a woman is even able to speak at 1/00th of a percent, then I’d see them as hot and mother-material.

They’ve shown what I truly believe, that women who are basically eggs that can decide if they’ll be slaves in the next life are not mothers I want. From millennial women I only want eggs that jews or niggers hate. We are white and see jews and niggers as something like an animal.

You and me, a white baby, that is the ideal.

The essential fact is that I love white people, and especially their representatives, and I still think the “most white” woman is the kind I have had babies with. Weird stuff.

I want to cum inside you because I see you as inferior.

An Aryan being cum inside… Weird how that’s our life’s fulfillment.

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