This reminds me of the freelance Mossad agents of the English-speaking world

In Ukraine they call it the Department of Permitting Procedure and Control of the Distribution of Printed Products of the State Committee.

These people read books all day and determine if they contain anything of the following

When you see what a given country bans it gives you the sharpest resolution of the political climate you can find.

A year or so ago (with COVID an unknown amount of time felt like a blink) I was scrolling through the Ukraine banned books list and thought nothing of it that so many Russian books were banned. And now with the so-called invasion and media spectacle here I want to know more about these.

This one strikes me as curious because it was originally written in English. If it’s just a Russian book that’s one thing- if it’s a book we all can freely read here that they don’t want people in Ukraine to read that sounds some alarms.

An initial snapshot from a dense text

Ukraine is a psyop on the Russians, disorienting them, disintegrating them, as a holistic people. A tale as old as time if you know Jewish history.

Don’t ask me if Jews destroyed texts from the civilization of Atlantis, because you sound crazy if you answer that question with anything besides a laugh. Well while I’m here, it could be that “the essential of essentials” for understanding the Jews could’ve been recorded pre-Sumer and Noah “forgot” to bring it with him. Pretend I didn’t say this.

If you Yandex banned books in Ukraine though you’ll see this has been a process over the last decade. As of less than a month ago, ALL Russian books are banned in Ukraine. Before, it was a few, then it was dozens, then hundreds, now all. So it’s intriguing to get a look at what they censured prior to the invasion.

My own personal interpretation of it is they’re grabbing Slavs by the scruff of the collar and dragging them away from Orthodoxy. And whether Putin is a puppet in a grander game or not, his surface-words seem to be accurate that Russia will be next if this continues and nothing is done about it.

“Git Enlightened, man!” This is how liberals perceive themselves. I HAVE been enlightened, when I was a teenager I was a shitlib beyond your wildest dreams (vegan) – that isn’t Enlightenment. The Russians seem to know something the west doesn’t in that regard.

Another essential perspective to understand this conflict- Putin drains the swamp more than any Euro country. Maybe not optimally, still he’s the best at that. Hating Russia is about hating executive power. All the plutocrats who aren’t officially part of the government in the west hate Putin as a symbol of someone who has the autonomous authority to go around and “round them up”.

They have this anxiety about Ukraine too- both the west and Russia have anxiety about Ukraine. If Putin keeps encroaching who’s to say he won’t send Polish plutocrats to Siberia without a winter jacket? Can you just get it over with and make me the Putin of the US by the way? I think I’d do a great job and you know it. What is all that space in Northern Canada being used for anyway? Looks like a prime location to send about 10,000 people, and all their money and property will be distributed equally to all US citizens, and I will not receive a dime of it, this is my oath. No… this place is too icy for that. The warrior-caste is alienated here, and they’re the crucial element to recruit. That’s just where we are in 2022, the extra-warrior brahmin things need to be made known first before pragmatism is actualized. And the irony of this is that if a member of the warrior-caste is made the Strongman there will be something pigheaded about him. That’s just how it goes I guess.

I already know that even certain leftists follow along with everything I say so don’t pretend you don’t. I’m not that special, there are lots of people with my level of awareness, I’m just the only idiot who’s willing to say it out loud.

That’s called DUTY. In case you were wondering. You know what that word means? I fucking doubt it. Just spines made of jelly, that’s what I see everywhere.

A mostly N/W Euro who is culturally Italian, that’s how I perceive myself – since I reduce others feel free to think up theories about that. No, my spirit is truly Greek, no it is truly German. What’s the URL here, says it all.

I’ve been thinking about the Irish lately. They’re a perplexity of N/W Europe. It’s a chiaroscuro with them. They have so many grievances and resentments that would almost lead one to conclude they’re the blacks of Europe, and yet in my experience some of the cognoscenti are Irish. If you want to bring up ordinary politics, I doubt you can understand the Biden years without seeing this about them. (((The British))) enslaved them, is that what it’s all about? (((The British))) starved them to death in the Potato Famine? Something warped about this people, they’re white and they’ve been taught that they’re not? If they accepted that Celts are Aryans they’d begin to live more naturally I think. Same with Slavs. Please just stop trying to gaslight me about all this- Irish and Slavs are Aryans, stop pretending they’re not. The only way to preserve who we are is if we unite together against the Jews. They are decidedly NOT Aryan. They want all of us destroyed. Why do you ever give them even one concession? They missed the boat of both paganism and Christianity, they don’t even understand what those led to. We have science, philosophy, and art here that no one else in the world does. The jew just makes money off it. There’s nothing to concede there. They are a hindrance to us going further distances. I want to make philosophy seem like the next paganism. Where is my new Christianity? It would doubtless have to be thoroughly antisemitic.

Whether it’s the “far west” (Ireland), the “far east” (Russia), or the “far south” (Italy) it’s obvious we are not Thai or Colombian. Centuries of paganism and centuries of Christianity led us to having this conversation right now. The eskimos didn’t have that history.

And then you can ask from a more central European (or even ancient Greek) perspective, this U-shape around Europe, should any of these people be trusted if they have this predisposition within their population? If the cognoscenti of a place is inherently bioleninist it is an open question in my opinion. They’re all trying to hide something. Or at least most of them.

I mean, then you can look at central Europe and England, and their predisposition for golem-proggism is off the charts so that says something about the fieldnigger question itself.

So it seems “Europe” is a place that is both “rough around the edges” and “rotten at its core”, so to speak.

No jew or white is as direct about all this, when do I get my death penalty award?

The basic chain of initiation is Nietzsche the cladistic-priest living within an aristocratic culture, and from him you go to Aristotle, Kabbalah, Shi’ism, Frogs, etc. My own temperament sees Nietzsche as the capstone of all these.

Deleuze, Pynchon, Pessoa, Adorno, Pound, they didn’t breathe as freely as Nietzsche.

He’s old to me, and hopefully he’s old to you now too. We have our own unique concerns in a century he never could have anticipated.

If Portugal to Siberia united against the international destroyer of countries, they would finally be destroyed.

There are some Christians in the middle east too. Are you even able to tell me what an Alawite is? If not, you know nothing about Syria. All of these enemies of theirs can be united.

Isn’t there some jew running to be president of France? Replace a prog jew with a “shabbos-jew”, you’re so brilliant.

Most Euro-people unfortunately are both rough around the edges and rotten to the core.

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