I am not above remarking on animated art. Shrek is probably the best animated film in existence. There is a mathematical quality to the perfection of its plot that is reminiscent of The Shawshank Redemption. And I always took that for granted because it was animated. What are the contenders? Ghost in the Shell, James and the Giant Peach, Lion King? With Pixar in general it’s a tough competition, there CAN be timelessness in animated films. Shrek just beats all of them in my opinion. (I haven’t “viewed” recent animated films by the way, since the onset of the hyper-woke era, I just expect the worst.) I guess I’m vibing off of Paul Cantor with this, someone who writes on both Roger and pop culture. More academics should do that.

The most immediate thing about Shrek that strikes me is that it is a parody of its own genre. It’s similar to Don Quixote in that regard. It somehow still manages to retain the integrity of its genre even when simultaneously being an utter deconstruction of it.

I feel like Luther saying “Here I stand, I can do no other” – it’s just a fact, Shrek is the best animated movie.

I don’t know much about zoomers, I just think Shrek captures the millennial ethos pretty well. We can’t take things too seriously, and that’s the only way we CAN take something seriously, if it is a parody. And of course it isn’t a coincidence I go from musing on Waiting for Godot to Shrek.

I’m honestly just trying to understand why I rewatched it so many times when I was young. I KNOW it’s good, I just don’t understand exactly why. Why? Why did I find a green ogre so amusing? I really think part of it is that millennials can’t deal with super-seriousness and need parody. Everything Shrek parodies we find boring. It is a highly complex movie, whether it is animated or not. That’s great for children if you ask me. It is the capstone of satire in the animated genre.

Whoa, I forgot about this one

Remember watching The Matrix and thinking it was one of the best movies of all time? Yes, Shrek makes a references to it when princess Fiona fights against the Merry Men.

For other allusions in this click here. Shrek is like a “secret Matrix” for children.

“You can’t talk about sending people to Siberia and in the next breath talk about Shrek, you look ridiculous.” It’s the same thing, these bastards want to take parody away from us, they’re Agent Smiths.

Hey, Toy Story is wholesome, it’s just not Shrek. Philosophical education for children, this is how I see it- instilling the spirit of critique.

Cinderella and Hercules have their own autonomous dignity to them that I’m not going to question, I’m only trying to argue here that there is something higher about parody that synthesizes (gathers all the threads together of) a genre, and it’s like the final chapter of a novel so to speak. And “not to get political”, that’s what our zeitgeist doesn’t like.

If you try to reflect back when you first watched Disney movies, even like Bambi or Peter Pan (which people deep down will die for), try to think of what your mind was like when you watched those. I remember myself feeling stupid. It’s not the case with Shrek. I will invoke the concept- Shrek is the Aufheben of all those movies. It was a cultural awakening.

As funny as it sounds, we were expected to approach the Disney classics with a piety. Shrek turned that upside-down. That movie showed we are ready to laugh at them. By the way, in a post-Christian society such as ours, movies are incredibly important. This is what Richard Wagner anticipated, the religion of art. Shrek is the Luther that nailed the theses to the church door.

Okay, I’m getting autistic here, I just think animation is a marginalized craft, and anyone who cares about kids having a solid education should be thinking about these things too.

I bet you never considered that before, a “little Plato” and Shrek mentioned in the same sentence. Like I said though, this is as far as I know a mostly millennial phenomenon, and we might need a new Shrek in the future.

Would they let an “ogre” on TV these days? Nah, parody is entirely banished.

Certain people don’t like jokes being made about them must be…?

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