Ramadan is beginning. Being a foreigner I highly doubt I will be able to offer you as esoteric a view of that as I can Christmas, I’ll try my best though.

Ramadan means burning, it’s the month of the burning away of one’s sins.

Our Christmas might as well be a month too, hence the phrase “holiday season”. Is it a similar cultural function?

Before you ask, I am “Sonic”, I’ve already run 20 laps around everyone, that’s why Islam is interesting to me, I don’t expect you to understand.

Can you expect someone like that to be a Muslim? No, I’m a political Muslim.

Putin?? Ahahaah! Putin?? Political Russian? You’re a fraud.

Ramadan is the month the Quran was revealed. Easily one of the most popular books in history. Did you ever get around to reading the first page, or two? The golems of social media are probably more entrancing to you.

Some of us on the right respect the Alawite ruling-caste of Syria for being able to stick around. Now, imagine a whole country of Alawites that PROTECTS those Syrians.

In the technical occult literature we call this crossing the abyss. Most cannot do that. They’re somewhere down at the bottom, after falling, with all of their bones shattered. This describes all the eunuchs, whores, jews- it’s a spiritual cripple. Couldn’t cross the abyss and now they try to lure the ones above down there with them through enchantments and shamings. No thanks, you lost the genetic lottery and feel attacked when the word nigger is spoken. Try not to grind your jaw too much over that. “The thoughts of a nigger dance through my head when I hear that.” This is self-awareness I try to give you.

Do you think I exaggerate or am using some rhetorical trick when I speak of the galactic council? All of their obvious flaws aside, the Shi’ists are closer to that than Americans. They’re the real “Gandhi” or “Dalai Lama”. They’re too close to us as Abrahamics to be relegated to the ethereal realm of “exotic”, thus they’re redacted.

I always talk about Iran knowing I’m facing cricket-chirps, and I do it anyway. I am a KANTIAN, that is why, as with everything.

The eunuchs, whores, muds, and jews take the stage and are met with a roaring applause – what do you think that says about humanity?

There are two types of “club” in town that next to no one is invited to- there’s the mammonist club and the philosophy club. 1%? No, it’s less than 1%. People who are part of or want to join the mammonist club someday hate the philosophy club. Jee, I wonder why the sickeningly crude rabble loves the mammonists so much?

You know all of this is true too, and you just go right back to “normal” life!

“I can’t be part of philosophy club, I’m sorry…” There’s nothing to be sorry about, that’s the way God made you. He created most of the world to be made of mud-things.

I can’t pretend to know “why”, though I have my theories. “Wait, I’m not a mud-thing though.” So… prove it then. Looks like that’s impossible for you, so shall we carry on? The clenched jaw, the fuming rage, or no, you’ve just accepted you won’t be part of philosophy club at this point and are indifferent? That’s fine, the mammonite club is three steps removed from the galactic council, and the philosophy club is two – so not so bad considering most people in the world don’t understand the nature of any of them.

“You must be schizo, because not one of our institutions validates you.” Our institutions seek validation from ME, and they do not find it.

Airdrop me into a mammonite party and they will all leave feeling “terribly shaken”, because their very existence depends on pretending none of this exists.

-Your mantra- “None of this exists.”

That’s the reaction of a greasy, slimy person. Anyone who honors philosophy only sees you as a type of animal that learned to speak english.

Does your jaw clench at all when I say it’s obvious it is a nigger we are dealing with here, and we don’t want them to be part of the club?

Stick with the rabble and mammonites, you were created to be part of that.

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