This is good in theory, Yeats

I find myself constantly urging the despotic rule of the educated classes as the only end to our troubles

This is his idea of “fascism”. We have this today–hence I say good in theory–the question is, at places like Dartmouth is education education?

Virginia Woolf actually wasn’t too far from Yeats politically in certain senses- modernist writers tended to wince at the effects mass culture had on the arts, and dabble in the possibility of extreme solutions. (She believed in eugenics cough cough.)

Evil witch woman

Damn, I didn’t know she was this wild – this is how she describes what she was met with on a walk

a long line of imbeciles… everyone in that long line was a miserable ineffective shuffling idiotic creature, with no forehead or no chin & and an imbecile grin, or a wild, suspicious stare. It was perfectly horrible. They should certainly be killed.

This is from 1915, so write it off as “it’s time for your nap, grandma” or what have you.

I’ll be real with you, okay? Most of the various bioleninists of the world don’t have any redeeming representatives at all. White women are different, because they have Woolf and a few others, so best to cherish her.

Seriously, do even the Chinese have any historically recent representatives you can think of?

Just gonna drop this here

Don’t have a guilty smirk on your face now.

Those modernists are not grandpas and grandmas, they’re more levelheaded than contemporary people. Millennials might as well have the dementia of Biden in comparison with them.

A long line of imbeciles, just acknowledge it. Perfectly horrible indeed.

She sort of did have witchy physiognomy

I often write about the best writers of recent times here- probably people whose instincts should generally be trusted.

Is she the only woman who can compete with them?

Tuck grandma in for her nap, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

We have so many cultural treasures from the 20th century that no one ever mentions – it seems like a slap in the face, a lack of reverence.

“You just use them to say nasty things about the world!” The world deserves it, and they agree with me.

Tell me this isn’t attractive (hot)

Woolf both asks and answers the question, “what about the daughters of educated men?”

Try not to think too much about the scary Hindu caste-system when I say this- Woolf was a self-aware and proud member of what she termed “the educated class”.

Her father was an essayist, biographer, historian, and philosopher, and he guided her education.

Is anyone surprised about this at this point?

In her 1925 essay “On Not Knowing Greek,” Virginia Woolf laments our weak understanding of Greek language, and how even the best translations leave behind critical inflections and allow misconceptions of Greek culture

To my knowledge though, her favorites were English classics.

Like I said, we already have a despotism of the educated class today- it just happens that “being educated” means promoting “diversity” which is a veiled way of believing “what’s bad is good”. When will Woolf be replaced in the Canon because she’s white? Probably faster than most since she was such a “snob”. Good, replace her with someone I have to “pity read”.

It’s not my fault that Woolf is one of women’s main representatives

in her letters, where she writes of an ‘an ill-conditioned mongrel woman, of no charm’

This is a Bohemian she’s hating on here, so imagine her thoughts on non-Euros.

A study on her, Yeats, and other modernists here.

Who needs Savitri Devi when we have a literal classic novelist saying these things?

Virginia Woolf doesn’t have a life, she has lives… one of Woolf’s selves has gone unheard

If you read her books with the typical prog filter you probably missed this self.

My point is that the more people who look at the world with the typical prog filter the fewer Woolfs there will be in the future. “And that’s feminism!” Yeah, you don’t know what you’re doing, possibly one of the imbeciles she spoke of.

Ice Queen

in her posthumously published “Middlebrow” (1942), Woolf put down the middlebrows as upward-striving arrivistes, who lacked the elites’ understanding of what constitutes aesthetic value.

Aren’t women looking for superheroes?

“We disavow her!” Gross, are you one of those people she didn’t want to have been born? It’s the only possible conclusion.

I attack you using the best among you, gotta love it.

I probably should add though that Woolf was similar to Plath in her bouts of depression. Is being extraordinary something women are cut out for? Or are they better off minding to the home and children? Not to ask a barbed question. I know some talented women, and if they had bipolar disorder that has never been diagnosed I wouldn’t be surprised. Not to play doctor, I could probably diagnose a few other things too. Eating disorders, that’s something else entirely I’m not going to touch on. Keep pukin, it keeps you cute. I’m kidding!

They ostensibly hate men and simultaneously suffer so much for them. I don’t think you hate someone you suffer for. Thus, man-hating itself is a mental illness. And yes, Woolf does indulge in that too.

When I give women realtalk they get the urge to “make me pay”, as if I’m not just trying to help them. “You’ll pay for this!” Look at this darling little girl.

Seriously though, there are so many unspoken laws that you will pay for violating. Those laws are made up, give me a break.

Wow, I wish there were more with the aristocratic vitality of Woolf

If any human being, man, woman, dog, cat or half-crushed worm dares call me “middlebrow” I will take my pen and stab him, dead.

Sometimes I really do feel I am wearing a jester costume and dancing around and laughing at women. Like they care about not being middlebrow! Yeah right! Lowbrow cretins with no shame.

“It hurts me to be called middlebrow.” Enjoy the pain then.

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