Full of perfectly innocent content I am sure

Not like you need this anyway, as “it” is in her novels too.

It’s odd how she’s accused of snobbery and antisemitism in the same breath. Are those connected somehow?

This is what she wrote in her diary – could this have any implications for politics?

I do not like the Jewish voice; I do not like the Jewish laugh.

This is how you’re wished a happy birthday if you dare to make a casual observation like that.

Would you ever have expected to need to read someone like Woolf “between the lines”? Another line from her diaries-

“I don’t like you conspiracy theorists trying to ruin my favorite writers.” No, this is literally true- look

Woolf edited the short story and removed all direct allusions to Oliver Bacon’s Jewishness

The literary agent rejected it until after she did that.

“Okay, fine, maybe in her DIARIES, and in ONE random short story she slipped up. Certainly she was not like that in her novels.” Oh you wanna play that game?

Here is something from the manuscript of Jacob’s Room

‘Oh, Jacob, said the girl as they pounded up the hill in the dark, “I’m so frightfully un-happy!” You’re not a Jew, are you? she said. ‘I hate Jews’ . . .

“That just means we’re going to #cancel her.” She already is canceled in a world where the only thing people read is frivolous news articles.

In a letter she says of Jewry that it

cant die… their flesh dries on their bones but still they pullulate, copulate, and amass … millions of money

I repeat- this is from one of the main representatives of women. 200,000 tweets some have and Woolf goes farther than any of them in the brief snapshots above alone. Call her a matriarch.

If even their best had thoughts like this it says something about the arbitrariness of the current zeitgeist. Further, it even reflects the detachment from reality of the current zeitgeist. I don’t think it’s controversial to say Woolf should be emulated rather than the egregore-golemette.

I mean, Woolf killed herself, so one can only take this so far. It’s a woman who went the furthest reaches possible for a woman so she should be learned from in that regard in my opinion.

They just couldn’t admit this about the matriarch for decades

Woolf wasn’t publicly called an antisemite until the early 1990s, when Tom Paulin dared to accuse her on British television

There’s the “thing-in-itself”, then there’s the “woman-in-itself”, and Woolf was if not thee representative of the latter, she was one of the very few contenders for the title – and behold these sordid thoughts of hers. Are you sure our zeitgeist allows a woman to “be herself”?

She was an Anglo aristocrat

What she does not hide about Portuguese Jews and “other repulsive objects” encountered on her 1905 trip to Spain at the age of twenty-three, remains pronounced to the end of her life

Whose instincts are you going to trust, those of Virginia Woolf or of some nothing academic or journalist denouncing her disdainful remarks?

This goes beyond even the case of Whoopi Goldberg. In the case here, we see that the best women of HISTORY in general are not allowed to say what they think. I don’t see why feminists should stand for this.

She was happy to be an intelligent Englishwoman too. She was even a fan of Wagnerian opera if that tells you anything.

We are speaking here of one of the main models of half the population of the world, no big deal I guess. “Whoa, when a woman is that gifted she has those kinds of thoughts…?”

“I’m sick of you, you better shut up.” Just showing you more evidence that women, too, are leveled in our political situation.

“I’m just going to make excuses about this.” Yeah you’re a brat. You know that leveling is the direct opposite of advancement, right?

Woolf had both positive and negative things to say about them, she wasn’t one-dimensional. It IS one-dimensional to not be able to say negative things about them like she did.

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