What are the kids into these days? I feel behind-the-times when I look into research chemicals

This isn’t about “getting high”, it’s about leaving this dimension. It’s possible that one of these new-fangled psychoactives is most optimal for facilitating that. There isn’t much scholarship on this, and what does exist is pretty much a waste of time to read.

I really don’t care if you think less of me for bringing this up, that just says something about you. You probably don’t even know that other dimensions exist, and that the one we’re ordinarily in is a bunch of bullshit, so I don’t know what to tell you. To put it lightly, this dimension we’re in is not real. There’s a reality to it, it’s just not real.

Do you know what your name is? Do you know what your social security number is? Those aren’t real.

While I’m at it, those who pat themselves on the back for “going to nature” aren’t even going to nature, because nature isn’t real either. The forest is a type of hologram.

I didn’t say that, pretend I didn’t say that.

“What do you mean my name isn’t real? I’ll fight to the death for my name!” That’s right, after your death you return somewhere where you don’t have a name. That’s the real you, and you can realize that when you’re still alive.

It must be a decade now since I’ve been to “that place”, that’s why I’m wondering if they’ve created a more optimal facilitator since then.

One way of looking at it is that “Heaven” isn’t one thing, “Hell” isn’t one thing. There are different levels to both of them. Some people sustain a serious head injury and go to these places without entheogens, and I say that because their reports of the experience are remarkably similar to each other. So my question here is, have they synthesized a new research chemical that shows us what life after death is better than anything on the surface-market? As you can see from the extensive list quoted above, you probably have to do personal experiments on yourself to really know. I would be doing just that right now, as I see it as the duty of a contemporary philosophy-enthusiast, except I’m paranoid a fed would kick down my door. If I wasn’t despised nazi vermin I would be doing this with a lover. That’s just the ideal life in my opinion. Pretending this is the only reality, that’s just quaint.

I like to talk about the theological-political problem. What is in question here is arguably more of a threat than even antisemitism. That’s just so narrow- I fixate on the jews because they’re just one of the “first walls” that need to be knocked down. There are broader spiritual realities that are far beyond them. The “politics of the afterlife” – you think if someone has a direct mystical experience of “the beyond” they will continue living normally like nothing happened?

There’s an obscure meaning to why jews promote atheism. Do they even understand why they do what they do? To a great extent, probably not, jewbots gonna jewbot. They don’t want you to contemplate your soul’s destiny, whether in this life or after. Words fail when you try to talk about these things- “the soul” isn’t real either, it’s like your name. It does have a destiny nonetheless, and you have a part in that, because your “soul” is made of God-substance itself. The jews monopolize the soul, the goyim are the mere body it controls. They do not fulfill the Buddhist project of “liberating all beings”. Their project is to damn all beings because they are damned themselves.

You shouldn’t even bring these things up in a public place, it’s probably better strategically to say Yeah dude let’s get high. You’re addressing yourself to the mundane, they want food, sex, sleep, reputation, entertainment, this is a distant concern of theirs.

Among other things, I’m talking about the best way we know of in 2022 for going to Hell. People want to explore the polar caps? That’s a lot less interesting than Hell in my opinion.

You only hear about the standard entheogens, peyote, etc. Shulgin only died in 2014. People have been carrying on his project. No you won’t hear about it in academic journals too much – who wants to invite themselves to be a target?

“Someone who isn’t me” might have possibly tried his 2C-E and found it better than LSD or psilocybin. And they’ve been creating all kinds of 2C-Es since then… And that’s not even to mention the chemical alterations of dimethyltryptamine and iboga, both a higher order from any phenethylamine altogether.

So what are they into these days, what are they creating? I don’t want some teenager knowing more about the afterlife than me.

Good luck finding info on these RC’s, it’s all just still too new.

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