Now that I mentioned PKD, I do some googlin, and not many studies show up (unless you count the usual tard-theory suspects). I do learn however that he influenced writers in France. He’s another one of those in particular I wish I could reread for the first time. I YEARN for a future genre of sci-fi. Some kind of new spin on the genre. Where is it?

This Frenchman was inspired by PKD, and he’s on the far-right. My attention you have.

This seems pretty true

One of the limitations of our science fiction community is that it is still, by and large, an English language community.

Apparently there are some sci-fi superstars in Europe no one’s heard of here.

Not many countries have a Verne

the French have lost none of their edge since the days of Jules Verne

It’s gonna be tough to top that Russian sci-fi I found last year.

On that Dantec who has next to nothing translated

it engages with literary traditions that few SF authors in the English-speaking world are willing to go within miles of

Europe is always importing our culture, let’s try to turn it around.

Laughing at the thought that if I set out to look for “the next PKD” I’m going to be sorely disappointed. I feel like I’m shaking my fist at the sky on a deserted island.

Where are we today?

cyberpunk was about the early 1980s, while postcyberpunk is about the 1990s

“The genre is exhausted, just walk away!” AHahaha no.

Something interesting to think about is that we might first have to make cyberpunk a reality before we are able to move on to a new genre. I.e. cyberpunk people themselves will write their own unique sci-fi. And the technological future is so sluggish.

Eh I guess I’ll just be a fanboy of PKD for now then

he wrote the most speculative alternate history ever made: the distorting elements of History are very subtle, permeating the book and making it almost ‘real’… one has the impression that he has entered a “realized dream”.

Man in the High Castle isn’t even technically “sci-fi”- it might be more precise to just call him a writer of speculative fiction. If you want to get people thinking about futurism you can’t beat him.

The Frenchnet is pretty insightful about him

Indeed, he makes us, for a time, psychotic, incapable of distinguishing reality from the imagination

When I think about McCarthy and PKD I feel less the urge to snarl at the US – they redeem it somewhat. At the end of the day though they’re not enough either.

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