The poetry vs. philosophy dialectic intensifies

Forgive the expression- it’s so “soy” the secondary literature on McCarthy, compared to him. The only way you can have “friends” in these reaches of erudition is to deal with them unfortunately.

My friend here voices the highly intriguing possibility that we have an “American philosopher” hidden in fictional works.

Not that I think he deserves that title without any proof, I just think McCarthy is one of the few contenders out there.

After enough study one does develop a “taboo” about the word “philosopher” – this word means we have a “world-changer” in question. Next to no one alive is trying to change the world, rather they follow the script the world tells them to read. First instinct, and I’m probably not the only one, is that McCarthy doesn’t follow the world’s script.

This scholar claims there’s an ontology and cosmology in his writings, can you imagine that? Artists tend to try to fly under the radar about those things, so I’m listening attentively.

I imagine McCarthy condescending me and saying I should have the restraint to speak in parable. Not to disrespect an old man, instead of a parable about scalping I’d prefer to be more literal.

And the most philosophical take on the quarrel between philosophy and poetry is that it is eternal.

I already told you and no one can rise to the occasion- the ultimate masterpiece “for the few” would be about this very quarrel itself. Your poetry sucks then if you can’t talk about that.

You’re not going to find me holding McCarthy’s scalp in my hand, don’t worry about it.

If you want to play that game though of saying he’s a philosopher then I’m going to be interrogating you.

Poets will never be philosophers, they use beauty to lie too much.

“Have some RESTRAINT” – have some restraint about your restraint. It’s so easy to pick them apart once they leave the realm of art. You want to play on my ground? I doubt it.

Forget I said anything about that- McCarthy is truly one of the pinnacles of American culture. I actually envy him because he is such a… someone who sees the reality of things. He reminds me of that 190 year old tortoise named Jonathan.

“I thought I was your hero, you ingrate.” You are. Does that mean I have no sharp inhales about your books? Like men from his generation want to be coddled anyway. What I would tell McCarthy is that if he is within the orbit of ZOG he is dead to me. If Judge Holden was killed and the kid lived, over the years, I have no reason to respect him outside of his earlier books. Even before, Holden was already a Voldemort type. Nope, I disavow all postwar literature as trash art, try again.

I mean that- try again. Someone with the talent of McCarthy could easily be the next Chaucer if he decided to forgo all “restraint”, and instead he will be remembered as a man of his time. That’s not someone who truly cares about “the arts”.

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