I happened upon a more controversial forum than usual that I’ve been hesitating to link you to because of the stigma, and I will anyway, here.

The reason channers are hated is because they’re right about so many things. Very few people are in a place to criticize channers, 99% of the time it’s going to be a bad faith actor. There are things to say against them, they’re just better than most people in my opinion, including most rightists you’ll find on social media.

It looks like they’ve gone through quite a few migrations

Here is the status of /pol/’s and other sites on the web

4chan:filled with normies bots and shills
other chan sites:dead

It took me a long time to finally find them, and that happened randomly, not through looking for them. There’s a reason they’re well-hidden.

The above quote is from a post titled “Is there any point of using the internet?” Yeah I sympathize with that beyond your wildest imagination. If you look for subjects with a similar theme to what I talk about you can click that link, because the internet is increasingly worthless to me and so I have less and less motivation to be here.

The thing with channers is that they’re somewhere between brahmins and ksatriyas, and probably closer to ksatriyas. That’s one reason I’m glad I spent years in the academy when I was impressionable because it got me in the habit of taking a less “memer” approach to things. Channers are great guys though, don’t get me wrong. As ridiculous as it probably sounds, they’re the “real elite” if there was one. They just have the right attitude about most things. Do tweeters still do discord group chats? Rightists who are more careful in public sometimes are much more candid in private chat, and this forum is like a public version of such a private chat.

Something I realized scrolling through there is that channers aren’t kids anymore, they grew up like the rest of us, and they’re more mature than they were when I was more familiar with them in the early 2010s. If you’re starving for a super-dose of reality, that forum will not be the worst place you can visit.

I’ve heard it all before though, I’m mostly looking for the next Choinski, neech, PKD, etc. and you probably won’t find that there.

It’s refreshing however if you’re seeking to not feel so alone in the world, if you’re “that type” (unironic genocide enthusiast).

A funny difference between that site and my site is I frequently address myself to jews and progs, whereas they know that they’re only talking to fellow nazi-types. I know you aren’t ever going to learn, I still try to talk to you people. That’s kind of an entertainment in itself, for both of us.

They don’t even know the true essence of what our mainstream culture is. In order to do that you need to have some sort of “conversation” with them (whether crypto or not). I know what it is. It’s better not to know, it’s too ugly. Most of the channers would probably be shooting up heroin if they knew what I knew about it.

It goes back to those Socratic “What is ____?” questions- what is a golem? You don’t want to know what it is. What is a jew? I don’t think they know what a jew is either. They just understand these things better than most, channers are like an English-speaking version of the shekina.mybb forum.

What is a golem, what is a jew? There’s no point in using the internet, that’s what they are. It’s a conspiracy to universalize niggers. They don’t want even one person left in the world who isn’t a nigger. “Jews have so many nobel prizes!” Do they have one in morality? Probably something worth more than their tedious inventions or whatever the fuck. Besides- Alfred Nobel, a Swede- Swedes also overrepresented in nobels, and that’s even with shekel-kike rigging of the contest so to use an expression fitting for our political order, bling bling bitch. Jews are a type of moral-retard whether they excel in other areas or not.

See, I’m not in an echo-chamber like those channers, and that frees my thoughts to some extent. Like Zarathustra, I talk to everyone and no one. Sometimes it gets pathological if you remember how I was telling McCarthy last night I’ll scalp him if his new books contain even a trace of “judaism”. Other people I’d ask, Why did we hurt each other so much? The golem phenomenon is something personal to me. I don’t think it is that way with them, hence their (while admirable) surface-level reads of the zeitgeist.

I’m just here to be a normal person and say what’s on my mind to anyone, whether they’re nazis or commies or whatever else.

Many of those channers would probably tell you the same sorts of things if you asked them/if you didn’t ban them for it.

“Omg, I’m a nazi who’d put my own self in a gas chamber!” – my typical reader, glad to meet you here with this anxiety of yours.

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