Did anyone ever determine a motive for that 2017 Las Vegas shooting? I pretty much dismissed it as nothing when some were voicing their suspicions the days after it happened, and now looking into it more I think there ARE grounds to be suspicious. The most people dead in a shooting in US history, and that’s not even to mention the hundreds that were wounded. Just do a more than surface-research and you’ll probably be wondering the same thing as me. “What shooting? What are you talking about?” Exactly. He has the “record” if you want to call it that. And the MEDIA disappeared it. So I have to guess that it’s damning for them in some way. I don’t know much about it yet, the signs are just all there that something suspicious is going on.

It seems like current events are a type of crack-cocaine and they keep people distracted from things that happened 5 years ago, or 500 years ago.

Usually people who talk about current events risk absolutely nothing. All standard, safe takes with them.

Whatever gives them the green light to indulge in the illusion they’re a “self-righteous conservative” with the Tucker Carlson “appalled” face. They’re a liberal to me, just another worldly demon. Let’s not stop there- it is indeed a “refined” sort of liberal. They have a distinct skill for tracking the purity spiral and latching on somewhere farther ahead than the more NPC liberals. Nice, I like in a video game when an NPC gives me a more challenging question than usual.

Anyway, the Las Vegas shooting thing can stand in as a more abstract concept. The media can hide anything it wants. If it were discovered that Kamala Harris’s morning routine was to put a living, white newborn in a blender with some pineapple and kale and make a smoothie out of it, the media could effectively cover it up if they wanted to.

We’re talking about something that’s far beyond Columbine here. And you probably “had to google it”.

You know the story of Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian Knot? That’s what’s most intriguing to me- I’ve seen probably 10,000 Gordian Knots cut over the years and the MSM never reports on it. The people who do this are put in a full-nelson, and taken away into the dark. What happens after that – who knows.

Do you remember Molyneux? No offense, I never watched more than a couple hours of his videos- when he was disappeared though I felt personally slighted, because as “gentle” of a thinker as he was I still saw him as a fellow logician, which is a type of mathematician.

Base-10 counting system- for the jews, 10-1 is still 10. Or at least that’s the mirage the media creates. No, our civilization has already been subtracted to zero.

It’s ironic that they call us a shell, when every country they live in turns into nothing besides a shell after they are done with it. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy- they want goyim nations to be shells so they can continue to see themselves as the chosen people.

Didn’t Alex Jones get Esthered anyway? And even after that he was still someone not to be messed with. That mischling that messages me I sent the blonde kike meme rubbing her hands to. You might think I’m speaking frivolously, I’m not, many good goys have been “ethered” by Esthers. And even then, this shabbos Jones is considered exceptional and has to be disappeared.

“Who? Alex Jones? I don’t remember him.” I remember him. Basically everything I’d want for a preacher- I’d probably go to church if he were the preacher.

I don’t know what’s going on with that shooter though, whether he’s on “my side”. Note that he killed people at a country concert, and as I’ve written before, that’s a more white, right-leaning genre than most. Look into it yourself, because I am still trying to determine what exactly they were hiding there. The fact is that it’s hidden, and that itself tells us something.

What not many seem to be concerned about is that the jews cut our throats in order to co-opt the economic system and that it didn’t end there. They cut our throats in that way in order to cut our throats in other ways, and we’re living in that phase of the process now. So many people think “Oh yeah, they did” and don’t bother to do anything about them doing it in a further way. They didn’t co-opt the economic system in order to be benevolent toward us. It’s a series of throat-slashings, over and over, and one has to deduce they have no end in mind, that they rather slash throats as an end in itself. That’s the “meaning of history” you accept I guess.

Have you ever listened to Yiddish music before? I’ll take the vulgarity of country any day of the week over that. The average jew is ten generations more inbred than any country bumpkin from Kentucky. Close-set eyes, webbed-toes? What are those compared to the rat face of a kike? Serious question- they use decades of propaganda so you don’t see this when you look at them. You look at a jew’s face without any filters and it looks like an inbred coprophile, no polemics. That’s who you want in the control-room of culture, someone who can only get their “daily nutrients” by eating spiritual feces AND spoon-feeding it to others. Just look at their face and think again.

That’s part of what the word “kike” CONNOTES – you already know these things instantly when you hear that word. Inbred, backwater, primitive, smelly, in a word, kikey.

Our Zeitgeist has the infamous “Habsburg Jaw”. That’s what we’re living in, that’s who barks orders at you, that circus freak.

To be fair, some of the most beautiful women in the world are Jewish. Yes, it’s a minority, not the rule. These are the ones that survived the kike telos somehow. Just as there still is a minority of Orthodox rabbis who utterly loathe Sabbatai Zevi, there are still women who are the female version of Orthodox rabbis. It’s 5% of them if they’re lucky. Those ones should be able to look at their “fellow jew” and dismiss them as humiliating nihilist inbreds who no one could ever call human. If they can’t do that then it’s a sign they aren’t within that quiet 5% I’ve noticed over the years.

By 2100 I’d be surprised if that 5% existed anymore either. People are allowed to talk all day about how the inner essence of Christianity when unravaled leads to havoc and disaster, and the obvious root of Christianity is for $some reason$ off-limits from that observation.

Me, Shamir, and about five other outspoken Jews trying to survive out here among these subhumans in this immanentized hellscape. Destroying the million or so white brahmins is how they secure their unimpeded path to making earth a dead planet. All as revenge for the exile they deserved.

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