I have to hand it to the feds, they have a pretty slick police-state one can’t help but admire in certain respects. When I first started mocking them, years ago, I was a machismo idiot who didn’t know what they are capable of. The secret police will be carrying out whatever the progs need to do, whatever it takes.

“Do you want to give us some details about that?” You can use your imagination, I’ll leave it at that.

They don’t have an argument against you so it almost always takes the form of “ad hominem in deed”.

Like I’ve said before, I see myself as an “Everyperson”, whether they’re fellow white males, white females, POC, or even fringe-jews. If you want to have actual autonomy in this life you can consult my case as a symptom of how you’ll be dealt with.

“What do you mean, there’s no evidence.” Most of the evidence would just have to be your trust that I’m not lying or distorting anything. Do I seem trustable to you?

For the ones at the top, “black lives matter” isn’t believed, hence Whoopi Goldberg. What they care about most is preserving their own power, not “emancipating humanity”. They don’t intend to hand equality to Indians or Irish after all people like me are done away with, these are just useful tools for carrying out their project. Sorry Queen, you’re not getting equality, you’re only backing people who give you a thumbs up about your lowest instincts, because that helps consolidate their control and eliminate those who might give you real equality. You don’t even want that anyway, you want to be someone’s pet. Let’s just stick with the surface that you want equality though. It’s not my fault you can only be cute as a pet, and that if you’re not that then you might as well have stubble on your face.

Back to this idea of “feds” though- people don’t understand the real meaning of that word. Dugin is a fed, BAP is a fed. Anyone who actively participates in hiding people to the right of them might as well be working for the NSA. Again, it’s about whether you trust my judgment or not. If I had freetime to dig over the years I could show you literally 100 or 1000 pieces of evidence to support either case. You can choose to be in “playtime” or not, don’t young black girls like playing really fast “pattycake”? I remember back in the day in North Carolina, the little black girls with beads in their hair playing pattycake, they were good at it.

Anyone who protects jews in any way is a fed. This is a broad phenomenon that includes breaking into your (my) home to cause suffering in various ways. Jews, I mean feds, break into my home, break into my phone, and all the fellow feds are pretty much happy this happens. The definition of “fed” is broader than you could’ve dreamed- most people are feds.

With Dugin (to take one of the most obscure cases) he is obviously a slav, someone whose race-name is derived from being an actual slave of jews. He has no intention of redeeming slavs, he only intends to continue being a slav-nigger-slave, much like Putin. “It’s the end of history 2022 tho” – No, people keep doing the same thing they’ve been doing for centuries.

Broadly speaking, a “fed” is someone who wants to hide people who make it known they are a fed. Try not to feel too guilty when you hear that.

I tend to postulate these hypotheses to sociologist/anthropologist-types- what do you think about the postulation that women tend to not mature much after the age of 16 until about menopause?

What are your thoughts on how sociology/anthropology can only mostly be done from within a “fed horizon”?

I said “please help” earlier, yeah right, no one is going to fight the feds with me. Watch from the sidelines at best, participate AS a fed at worst, and mostly the latter. Thanks, niggers. “The feds are protecting us!” Yes, because they see themselves as similar to you.

I’m a Yarvinian Kantian at the end of the day I guess you could say- I seek to formalize what “politics” means here and now without any mind for consequences. Who is a fed? Who is a nigger? Those things have been made known now for any of the genuine “people” in the room. Real people- sometimes you wonder if they exist at all.

“I’m a fed!!”
“I’m a nigger!!”
“I’m… not one of those…”

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