One of the defining inventions of our time is the video game so it’s no surprise that people understand parallels related to that better than most. Hence the NPC. If you can forget politics for a second (impossible), most of what I try to do is decrease the amount of NPCs in the world.

Have you ever listened to someone who was so boring, someone that repeated the same thing you’ve heard others say many many times, and everytime you talk to them they do the same thing? “NPC” doesn’t match what they are exactly, it just gets close to the heart of the matter. It’s an unthinking person without any creativity- they might as well be dead. For some of us, that’s the closest thing we know to “dwelling in hell for eternity”, listening to an NPC talk. The fewer of them in the future the better.

I had one Mexican friend some years ago who was a creative person. Everyone can think of an exception. A Chinese professor who wasn’t a robot I remember too. Aside from that, next to zero non-whites I’ve known who were not NPCs.

Hapas and mischlings probably have more of a chance than most. As far as “third-world mulattoes” go though, that’s a steep gamble. It’s a gamble of whether you’re going to create someone whose existence is a curse. It isn’t a coinflip either. The likelihood is high that with a mulatto you are creating a robot with no independent personality.

That’s the “vote” you’re obligated to cast as a leftist, more robots with no independent personality in the world. What quality of video game is that if it’s all NPCs? It sounds like it’s not even a video game, just bots alone in a world together.

Let’s try to be mature now with this next point, hopefully you can try. I know plenty of women who aren’t NPCs. Okay, that’s a lie! Just kidding. Creative women exist, there just aren’t many of them, and even those ones for the most part have conformist-politics. Even many on the right today were normies before Mr. Trump set a standard for them to conform to. And before him I knew a few nazi girls, and usually they were given appropriate guidance by their significant other to be the way they were. Let’s just look at the brute facts of the WQ, if you don’t mind? Reacting with hysteria to this is a total NPC thing for a woman to do.

Yes, I know that is one of your programmed dialogue-responses. Do you want to try again? “Fascist!” Try again. What do those words even mean? Give me five minutes with you in a conversation you can’t back out of and you will be stuttering and looking at the ground, and/or crying, I guarantee it. My comment section has been open for years you know? I doubt feds would target someone who clearly presents themselves as my enemy. So what’s the problem, are you a little girl or something?

“The future is female” is just more pro-NPC gobbledygook. I love women, only a woman could truly complete me, having all sons would have something missing about it. Both of these things can be true at the same time.

Well the new supreme court justice, that’s a “double-scoop” isn’t it? Blacks are a type of bot, women are a type of bot- now you put the two together in one and place it at the top of society?

And I also will speak to the contrary of the typical reactionary here too since they have their own robotic patterns- putting a black woman in that place helps them believes in themselves and have higher aspirations. And that’s better than the ghetto hoe “role model” they’re used to. We have to deal with this fallout of the Civil War somehow. The philosopher-king known as Jesus had both positive and negative effects on Europeople. The oversensitivity of post-/Christians is something that needs to be amor fati’d as much as the lowly nature of women needs to be amor fati’d. We brahmins have to carry the baggage of our race.

“Why don’t we just figure out how to genocide the herd then repopulate the earth by growing hyper-brahmins in vats?” Hey, YOU said that, not me.

Until we have that technology, there are more natural processes for securing a non-NPC future for the earth. “Yeah and you have to be a lying conformist for that to work, so STFU!” You do you, I do me, I know there are plenty of crypto-non-NPCs out there. Someone just has to outline what’s going on. A “secret society” isn’t just a gathering, it’s a “couple” too – this is far from something new, if that’s you. The ones who want to perpetuate their monopoly of power want only “state-bot couples” so hopefully you did dodge that bullet. How many times do I have to tell you, I just hate people with very basic opinions, they make me die inside when I have to hear them, and I want the earth of the future to not have any of those people, sorry if that’s “anti-semitic”.

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