My frenemy Harold Bloom has a book on Kabbalah

a Kabbalist would have called Wordsworth’s or Emerson’s Nature by the name of Hod

Modern scientism (i.e. the status quo) worships “nature” too. Look how far down Hod is. It’s simultaneously far up, also, from the perspective of Malkhut. It depends on which stage of life’s way you are at, whether Hod is up or down. To our status quo, anything above “nature” is an illusion, superstition.

Even being critical of Hod in this moment we have risen above it, to something above “nature”.

We never leave Malkhut- we perceive the rest of the sephirot while “standing in” Malkhut. We can for instance stand in Malkhut and perceive Hod from Hokhmah. This is a type of “psi”.

“Not to get political”(!!), it seems really obvious jews are stuck in Hod as much as anyone else is. Bloom is infamous for lamenting that our culture has cut the cord connecting us to the Canon. This is true of both western classics for euros and kabbalah classics for jews.

Sometimes you just have to let go of a sacred cow. Nietzsche too was stuck at Hod in certain respects–he was an Emersonian after all, and Emerson is arguably the finest mind America ever produced.

Kabbalists are a species of Neoplatonist. These types know more about reality than America’s greatest mind, and by virtue of that, know more than its lesser citizens, secular jews included.

The US itself can be seen as Hod, and one can glance at it from Hokhmah.

“That gives me antisemitic thoughts when I do that!” Do you expect me to say sorry?

This is inspiring isn’t it? We just don’t get nice things in life

Samael and his wife Lilith, or Satan and the chief of witches (of whom more later)—became in the Zohar almost worthy antagonists of God.

Antagonists of Hod, more like. There IS something real about that though. Then again, I have no “evidence” to support that claim. All ~feminism~ is false next to the above “role”. It’s a reality that’s too much to endure for most. I.e. if they squint from Malkhut at Hokhmah they will quickly turn their glance away, it’s too much. I dream that all goyim will be Samael and Lilith one day.

What do you think a Jewish Kabbalist does when reading someone talk like this? Laugh?

Your system is so easy to deconstruct from the inside. Unless you’re an NPC, then of course it’s impossible.

Anyway, catch ya later- enjoy the dimness of Hod in the meantime.

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