So apparently the Young Hegelians were the crucial impetus for some of Schmitt’s “nastiest views”

At the end of April 1939, Schmitt also tried to persuade Ernst Jünger that “the by far most significant remarks [das weitaus Bedeutendste] on Jewry are by Bruno Bauer, On the Jewish Question, 1843, then in some chapters of his critique of the gospels in the vanished volume IV (1852) and in the essay ‘Jewry in Foreign Lands’ [‘Das Judentum in der Fremde,’ 1863].” (A month earlier Jünger had already told Schmitt that he was turning to Bauer as a result of his prompting.)

This Bauer book was published the same year Marx’s book on the same “question” was written. Same milieu. Schmitt thought both books were equally insightful. I have to admit I never heard of Bauer’s til now. Schmitt says Löwith conceals [verschweigt] the above materials in his writings on Bauer, and that’s one of the only scholars I can remember reading about Bauer in.

Some Marxist: “I know all about those Bauer writings, you’re ignorant!” Okay, want to tell me about them, “friend”.

Can he really top Marx though?

The Jews have emancipated themselves to the extent that the Christians have become Jews.

Just take that with you to Israel, we don’t want it.

Ugh this, via Schmitt, makes me sick

In the end the whole village is meant to mauscheln [i.e. talk Yiddish jargon].

Mauscheln means to talk like a Jewish trader. No offense against Jewish traders, I have absolutely nothing against them, great people!

Let’s do some basic hermeneutics with this Bauer here – this is the only translated book of his I find on z-library and libgen, does it seem trustable on the surface?

I like calling you sweet summer child. I hope you’re not a sweet summer child about this.

Amazon results look suspicious as well so I’m sticking with this (albeit expectedly hostile) study linked to earlier.

It’s kinda hard not to like this guy, no?

From all of the above alone I am going to go ahead and speculate that Bauer was deliberately memory-holed. So let’s examine this case.

What could have Schmitt meant in the initial quote above about “the vanished volume IV (1852)”? He’s referring to Kritik der Evangelien und Geschichte ihres Ursprungs, 3 vols. (1850–51) and 4th vol. Die theologische Erklärung der Evangelien (1852), the latter which is on google books if you can read German. We don’t have many /ourguys/, and Schmitt is arguably one of /ourguys/ of the most top-tier quality, so it’s important who his favorite was on the JQ, and what he recommended to our other /ourguy/ Jünger. Friend/enemy- get it right. “YOU’RE not my friend though, you’re a monster.” Sounds like poor taste.

Schmitt had a “kike-in-itself” in mind when he wrote- this was his contemporary Hans Kelsen. Some see their debate as the Bauer/Marx debate redivivus.

Who else loves digging, who else loves finding these forgotten books?

Our political zeitgeist is similar to how I described art the other day- we know it mostly as unarticulated emotion, and some have a knack for putting into words. I don’t have positive emotions about our political zeitgeist, what about you?

Bauer was popular among Jews too- back in his day part of the JQ revolved around emancipating Jews from Judaism itself. Today both jews and goys are unemancipated from it. “What are you talking about, are you forced to spin a dreidel under threat of death?” Hopefully you’re not such a bad-faith person you’d respond rhetorically in that way. (Jews are totally bad-faith in this way, consistently as the rising Sun.)

Bauer followed Hegel in believing that the Jewish people were “slavish”

Jews only possessed a positive, “laid down” (gesetzt) form of law (Gesetz). As a “passive nation,” it could itself not produce its own laws

Nearly a couple centuries later they WERE able to “stand up to Moses”, however it does seem that they merely continued that slavishness cladistically with “Sabbatean Law”. Found out oy!

No one gives a rip about Hegel, no one’s ever heard of Bauer, only Marx is taken seriously- must be one of those cohencidences.

The thesis crystallizing here is that Schmitt was a Hegelian. And nazis are supposed to be le brutal thugs so obviously that looks bad.

The Mysteries of the “cathedral” via Hegel – this is his take on the revolution of Jesus

[He] set [entgegensetzen] the human being against the positivity of the Jews, virtuous qualities [Tugenden] against laws [Gesetzen] and their duties

Only a Jew doing honest soul-searching could confirm whether this is accurate about them or not. Laws and duties, is this the nature of ZOG? And are the christbloods happy with that? In my opinion, they’re bad laws and bad duties, I hate them, so much so that the thought of Jews dying is what makes me happy.

The intellectual line going from Hegel to Bauer to Schmitt is constituted by the conviction that the Jewish servitude to law is a form of inferior morality.

Isn’t this so obvious when you watch most TV channels?

For Bauer, “positive” Gesetz–Jewish religious law–had left the Jews outside general history. Above all, it had left them outside general human interests and the public sphere, stuck in a sphere centered on “private advantage.”

The laws and duties of the postwar order were created for the sake of Jews and no one else. No thanks, I agree with Bauer to see the Jew as der weisse Neger. I don’t want to carry out laws and duties imposed by a weisse neger.

Do you take HEGEL to be an authority at all? I must have missed the following when I read the following as a naive kid

Hegel, who in the Lectures on the Philosophy of History (1822-32) had distanced Christianity from Judaism by tying the latter to the world of China and India.

Don’t worry, that’s a compliment!

Heh anyway, this Schmitt study is full of gems. What I’d do for one like this on his buddy Jünger…

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