Okay, since I had fun talking about Shrek, maybe other mainstream media would be fun to muse on. I’ve written a handful of posts on Paul Cantor now, someone who writes on high culture, pop culture, and everything in between (which is rare for a scholar), and it looks like he has a chapter on Breaking Bad, which is ONE of my favorite shows, so let’s see if he can tease out anything that only our emotions picked up

As Walt committed more and more heinous crimes, he lost the sympathy of many viewers. But Gilligan himself was surprised by how many fans—vocal fans—continued to root for Walter White right up until the end (count me as one of them).

Walt! This is hilarious (at least to someone who can relate). Compromised golems don’t like my meth operation, what a loss.

(Obligatory gif)

Reflecting on some of my other favorites (which there aren’t many of) I think of House and wonder if I liked the character Walt because he reminds me of a sort of autocrat. As much as americans claim to believe in democracy I think many people deep down want a “genius tyrant” of sorts, and they sublimate this desire through certain media without realizing it.

Do you think it is a symptom of decline to have the hero of such a popular show be a meth dealer? Whatever the case, I thought Walt gave us an enthralling performance. What do “basic” people want from a “genius tyrant”? Universal healthcare. Talk about a lack of ambition and a lack of vision. Whether they’re handing people meth or healthcare it seems the “hero” isn’t doing all that much that is worth anything.

I feel like I’m actually talking to people when the subject is Breaking Bad. I feel like I’m talking to THREE people when the subject is Neoplatonism. And yet, the latter is arguably the “true meth” to be (illegally) sold.

Wut, did you see this? I didn’t see this joke they added

Millennials will remember the vibe from Malcolm in the Middle. This is pretty funny.

Even if people fantasize about a utopian genius tyrant taking over the country they just settle for asking for healthcare.

“Challenge- make Breaking Bad about the Jews.” No problem.

See, I told you this Cantor guy is a step above most scholars

If you remember, Hal’s wife “wore the pants”, and his sons treated him like a Homer Simpson- so, typical representation of white men in media. Thus, Breaking Bad is exceptional for not being that way.

This is the tyrant I want

Gilligan said of Walter White, “I love the idea of a good character, a good man, doing arguably bad things for a good reason.”

Let’s just face it- if we had an autocrat “clean up shop” it would appear highly immoral–even evil–on the surface, at least in the eyes of the multitude.

What do you mean I’ve been trying to “prime” people and desensitive them for when that happens so they don’t whine so much about it? Couldn’t be me.

Cantor titled this chapter “The Macbeth of Meth” so obviously he thinks quite highly of Breaking Bad, for what it is. It’s counter-intuitive when you see pop culture compared to high culture. It’s like they’re two different worlds with no overlap.

Typical profundity of Macbeth

I am in blood / Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more, / Returning were as tedious as go o’er

And you can see Walt in this picture can’t you.

Tell me that the average liberal normie doesn’t fantasize about this from time to time!

Ultimately Macbeth plunges the whole nation of Scotland into a brutal civil war, thus becoming a monster in the eyes of his people (5.8.25). They see him as a “butcher,” married to a “fiend-like queen”

This is making me laugh hysterically. It’s everyone’s DREAM so why not make it real?

You people are sick in the head if you want to be a “butcher” with a “fiend-like queen” – what is wrong with you?

Sarcasm aside, let’s make it real.

Cantor is asking pointed questions here

does conventional morality always tell the whole story about human nature?

Guess what? I’m not weird to have these thoughts, I’m normal. If you don’t have them there’s something off with YOU. How satisfying it would be to bite a kike’s throat out. To be covered in their blood and watch them die in agony. If you don’t get that then I question if you’re really even alive.

Like I said, I already figured out how to open your safe, and I know what’s in there.

It’s one part popular demand for a coup, and two parts cowardice.

With the jews gone we wouldn’t need meth, that would be a natural meth. Everyone knows that clownworld is all their fault, that the quiet desperation everywhere is all their fault. Culture was healthier in the US before they picked off Kennedy and gained definitive control of the country. Now it’s just pure decadence- that’s what you get when inbred niggers from the Pale are telling everyone what to do. That’s who you’re a golem OF, are you proud of yourself?

Everyone wants to be Walt if they’re pushed far enough. I think the west has been pushed far enough at this point. It’s time to operate above the law, and with excessive violence. Otherwise it simply shows you don’t care about Walt Jr. Maybe you just deserve your cancer? What’s your chemo? Low quality entertainment and totally mentally retarded politics with no ambition at all? I hope you enjoy it as you slowly die.

There’s nothing “heroic” here, it’s already a dead country. It’s not a tragedy, it’s not a comedy, it’s just pathetic.

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