I have a certain rhythm of terms I look for on z-library. I’d like to find a study on studies themselves, and that’s not exactly easy. Every once in a while I type “internet” in to look for a study of that, because we often forget that’s the context many of our “conversations” take place in, so it’s sort of a “superstructure” that determines and shapes what we talk about.

Look at this one

Anxieties and hopes, there’s none of that on the internet, right?

Do many people write on here with the unconscious desire to find advice they can’t find in real life?

It’s too bad your anxieties and hopes are unsolvable, and that there’s no advice for them. Just kidding.

I’m similar to Bauer from earlier in believing the purpose of life is increased self-consciousness, and I want netizens to know what they are (myself included).

I think even people with their name and face attached to their internet identity sometimes share their anxieties and hopes in a way they wouldn’t in “the public” of real life, so the internet IS a type of genuine “progress” in my opinion.

You don’t know how many “trivial” studies I have to scroll through before finding a decent one on a given subject – thankfully with the digital we are not “wasting paper” as much

Anons begin their posts with “Dear Abby,” – and so do non-anons sometimes.

Pretending this is your first day on earth as a human, have you ever noticed how manipulative the face is? How manipulative the voice is? People’s faces and voices in real life are ceaselessly demanding you believe x or y. Faces and voices aren’t here (unless you go on youtube or something). This allows us to be somewhat more relaxed when scrutinizing someone’s opinion.

I think I was about 12 when I started using the internet frequently. For people like me I think we have a different relation to social dynamics. Don’t really care if a face is shaped a certain way with anger, or if a voice is condemnatory, if the opinion it expresses is really stupid. We take statements on the merit of what they actually are rather than the emotions attached to them.

“You’re insensitive, you’re WARPED!” See, if you called me warped I’d just think you’re a typical emotional retard who doesn’t understand reason. I don’t care if you cry- if you’re wrong about something you deserve to cry. Hopefully you’ll be a better person after going through that pain. I am not whatsoever an advocate of soul-killing, I think suffering should only be used for growth. If you persist in your error and keep inviting statements that make you cry, that means you killed your own soul.

Dear Abby, what should I think of the internet? Look, I’m doing it now. Anxieties, hopes, people like to pretend they don’t have those.

Now I’m imagining a face before me in real life, that is pouting. Pouting is all you can expect when you play the game I do. So thankfully I don’t have to deal with it directly, because that would hinder my pursuit of truth. I’ve gotten plenty of symbolic pouting though, and that has hindered me- advice for netizens of the future: don’t care.

If they aren’t able to express it in rational argument then you’re just lowering yourself into the realm of emotion with them if you care. Express it in rational argument, what’s stopping you! What’s stopping them is their pout is irrational. That means they don’t have reasons. Why listen to something that isn’t based on reasons?

“Because I’m going to freak out on you, that’s why.” I’m not sure that’s a reason, technically, either…

Pouting faces, shrill emotion of the voice, the lilting pain of the person present before you, these aren’t reasons. Do only we veterans of the internet understand this?

“That hurts me!!” Why are you someone who deserves to be hurt then? If you hear criticism and are hurt then obviously you did something wrong. A pout and a screech are your way of saying you don’t intend to acknowledge or correct the wrong you did. “I’ll get revenge on you for holding me accountable then.” Okay, I’ll make sure not to hold you accountable ever again then, because I realized I’m dealing with a teenager.

Yeah so, my “hope” is that the internet will lead us to having less emotion-centered discussions.

“That would mean all the NPCs wouldn’t have a voice, because all they are is pure emotion without self-awareness.” So you’re saying you want irrationality to have a voice.

“Who decides what is irrational or not??” That is a valid question. You can start by addressing any of the hundreds of arguments I’ve made instead of covering over them with some distraction. Until you do that it’s obvious you are an irrational person.

-pouting, covering-over intensifies-

Are you new to the internet or something? Spend too much time around faces and voices that manipulate you into believing lies?

“Real life” ironically isn’t real. And they’ve been making the internet more and more emotion-based as the years go on.

-pout- “Good!”

Do you have a reason for that statement?

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