Dear Abby,

The u-shape around and beneath Europe I have taken as a cause for concern because I think of myself as one of them in some sense, and they don’t seem to want anything higher.

It’s no joke, if you ask someone out of earshot of the NSA they will say Ireland, Italy, and Russia are a blight that needs to be gotten rid of.

The NSA does the same, they just prefer their thoughts aren’t recorded in public.

Biased as I might be, I’ve found something important in the “outer-reaches” of Europe. They always try to reduce our countries to food. No, the problem is you never read our books. Spaghetti, potatoes, borscht, that’s what Americans think.

“Ellis Island niggers!!” And didn’t the jew travel through Ellis Island?

So what’s stopping you from naming them? Are you a slave?

“So who is hotter, a jewish woman, an italian woman, a NW european woman, a MENA woman?” So you want to ask the difficult questions.

“So give us an answer then!” The answer is already in your own mind. I’m not in the “business” of telling people answers.

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