It’s so ancient

It’s even speculated that some of the stories originated centuries before Alexander in India.

What to focus on in a world of such nothingness? My go-to is often things that have lasted centuries.

I like to scroll through lists of western classics to jog my memory about the existence of some of these, and that gets boring, so I take to the Farsinet on this oriental classic.

The Iranians naturally are convinced the main characters of 1001 Nights, the storyteller and the king the stories are told to, are Persian.

Is this a type of “apocrypha”?

The tales of the Thousand and One Nights existed orally in the Old Testament but were never written.

Like I wrote about before, the story from the 1001 Nights best known here, Aladdin, isn’t even in 1001 Nights. It’s not a text that’s well-understood here.

It’s just really easy to get sick of Everything in the west. Accuse me of exoticism or something, I don’t care.

I always thought there was something tacky about Russian architecture. And that these ice cream buildings probably “say something” about the Russians on a spiritual level. Pretty “exotic” looking though, no? I wouldn’t be proud of these buildings if I were a Russian.

“Is this guy serious?” Yeah!

The question is how to look at the exotic without the affirmative action attitude. What is actually good? I know that’s an impossible question for people in the west to ask.

What do you think, would you say there’s something tacky about Persian architecture?

It sounds like something Derek Zoolander might say- “I’m not living in a freakin ice cream cone!”

Can you mess with this?

People think our “cathedral” is as foreboding and unmesswithable as this cathedral. A perfect fortress.

Some of these look ugly the more you stare at them, not gonna lie

This is the Canterbury cathedral. The Canterbury Tales also have an unaesthetic quality due to their age. Tradcaths might be getting in a hooded executioner mood when they see someone critically tilting their head at this cathedral.

If you want to play the game of imagining it’s your first day on earth, think of eating food. There’s not one food, if you really dwell on the experience of, that is absolutely perfect. There’s something flawed about every food. We just learn to accept the subtle flaws of our favorite foods. Architecture, and art in general, is similar.

Do you see a “majesty” in this?

It’s hard not to be proud of this building. As much as I WANT to hate it. This is a type of Greco-Roman replica known as Neoclassical – that’s where Jefferson wanted congress to make decisions for the country.

The Supreme Court building is less impressive in my opinion, something gaudy about it

We’ve been brainwashed over the years to imagine heroes marching up those steps with high dignity. Yeah right, everyone in there is bought. If this building were bombed I wouldn’t be sad. Not like I want that to happen. How do you get a clean slate, how do you write a new constitution? Isn’t the Statue of Liberty purely a symbol of doom at this point? You dropped your crown, queen, and I’m not picking it up for you.

There, that’s better

Who would want to be seen in the same picture with a Pollock painting?

And he’s supposed to be America’s best painter? I don’t want to visit the Statue of Liberty either.

What Christianity has led to has a way of robbing this of transcendentally-unquestionable beauty

Recall my posts about Mark Twain to get an idea of our “homegrown” literature from a cynical perspective.

There’s a difference between hating beauty (which is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of the left) and wanting what’s beautiful to be even more beautiful.

Guess what isn’t an aesthetic artifact of a people that is enslaved by foreigners?

This isn’t the worst sight I’ve laid my eyes upon. Does 1001 Nights possibly match it in the realm of literature? My “thoughts” about both are mostly still on the level of emotion. And there isn’t much in English ABOUT them.

Counter-intuitive glance at it, given the gender stereotype about them we have here

همه‌ی شخصیت‌های داستان‌های تودرتوی هزارویک شب، شخصیت‌هایی نمادین هستند و هریک از چهرها، نامی دارند که بازگوکننده‌ی شخصیت و نقششان در داستان است. امیری به‌نام “شهرباز” داریم که با کارهایش، شهر که نماد جامعه است را به‌سوی نابودی و ویرانی کشانده و در برابر، زنی داریم به نام شهرزاد که نماد زایش شهر است.

If you ever get the impression I’m always writing a work of mourning, it’s because I am.

Anyway, a vast range of classic western writers were influenced by 1001 Nights, and I wonder if it’s marginal today for Zionist reasons.

Scheherazade cures King Shahryār of his hatred for women after 1001 nights of telling him stories, so it’s not like this book is altogether lacking in our stereotypical understanding of middle-easterners.

They won’t be printing a popular magazine with a cover like this in Iran at least

That fact alone is worth more than the majesty of our Capitol building. The typical millennial woman is too immature to keep one’s attention for 1001 nights. Duty is something foreign to them, they’re hostile to the idea, they laugh at the sky about that. Okay, you can be my masturbation object for 1 night with that attitude. “It’s not my behavior, it’s my brain chemicals, that’s why I’m a pillhead.”

“Here we go again!” Well do you want me to pretend to like a Pollock painting? I want a new age of beauty, not just in the arts, I want humanity to be a new work of art. “Monsters like you aren’t beautiful either.” Yeah everything in the US is bad. At least some of us are trying to make it better. Why do you look like such an ice cream cone building? “I was built that way.”

People on the right avoid the subject of women and jews, people on the left lie to you about them.

“That’s because of the consequences!”

Okay you look like an ice cream cone building too then.

How about we all decide to build a new gothic cathedral?

“I prefer to paint a Pollock.” Yep.

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