Something has to explain you people, and I’m going to figure out what it is, why you’re so docile

[Masoch enjoyed] having himself pursued, tied up and subjected to punishments, humiliations and even acute physical pain by an opulent fur-clad woman with a whip

Masoch, the person they named “masochism” after. They must learn to revel in the pain. They sit there day after day being kiked out of their wits and do nothing about it, so I have to surmise they learned to derive enjoyment from it? If you are happy in a gynocracy such as ours the only conclusion is that you have to be similar in psychology to Mr. Masoch here.

“I don’t enjoy it, I just feel dead inside about it, so I’m unfazed.”

Are you so sure?

This theory about you threw me for a loop

the masochistic hero appears to be educated and fashioned by the authoritarian woman whereas basically it is he who forms her, dresses her for the part and prompts the harsh words she addresses to him. It is the victim who speaks through the mouth of his torturer

By letting it happen you ARE the one doing it to yourself.

In his novels Masoch portrays masochism as if it were nothing more than a form of national custom and patriotism.

What do you derive from being humiliated and keeping your mouth shut about it? Is it a kind of release? Does it feel good to submit? Could it possibly be there is an erotic factor to bowing your head and looking at the ground? I think these shabbos goys love the whip, the snap brings them mirth. An unshaved Jewess grinds upon their face and their eyes roll back in their head. Must be, right? The sweet release of accepting their lot as a harlot’s nigger.

Hey I’m just trying to think outside the box here- SOMETHING has to explain them. Do you think there is any explanation for their servility that could possibly not be embarrassing? The mechanism that makes them tick has to be shameful by necessity.

Masoch was not a condemned author but a fêted and honoured one.

Masoch the ball-gagged patriot.

How else can they go around ZOG with a big smile on their face? Something about them loves the pain. Submitting to the whippings allows them to attain a certain catharsis.

Has anyone yet properly formulated the psychology of the doormat?

I’m only speculating that on the slave’s side of the master-slave relation there must be something pleasant.

I used to know a girl who was a “cutter” – is it something like that perhaps?

And what about the other side of the equation, the women and jews that walk on the doormat?

the woman torturer freezes into postures that identify her with a statue, a painting or a photograph. She suspends her gestures in the act of bringing down the whip… her movement is arrested as she turns to look at herself in the mirror.

The shabbos goys tell her Bravo! “Whip me, whip me!” they squeal to themselves, drooling. It is a fact that they get a THRILL out of it.

What else to explain it when they’re being stepped on and remain quiet about it? Something must be going on in their mind. I theorize it is a type of enjoyment only a slave could understand.

As an important biographical sidenote I’ll have to add that Masoch was from Galicia.

Another subtlety to this

tends to force us onto the side of the torturer and make us identify with the sadistic hero.

The only way a shabbos goy could possibly BE a shabbos goy is if they identify with the jews whipping them.

When they’re quiet when being walked on do you think they have a quivering red face with steam erupting from their ears? That doesn’t seem to be the case- thus it must incite a positive feeling to sense the feet pressing down on the doormat. Is being walked on like a massage to them?

“No, damnit, I TOLD you, it makes me feel dead inside, simple as.”

Outside of this context don’t you adamantly disavow any notion that you are indeed a doormat? A whipping-boy? I doubt you even know your own psychology in light of that denial.

What am I supposed to make of that? Someone tied up, being whipped, and crying tears of joy? Am I supposed to respect someone like that?

To be fair let’s soften the theory some- the shabbos goy, at the very least, has to live in a state of contentment. That itself is a type of joy, it’s just less than joy. Being content while being walked on is a type of masochism, a love of pain and humiliation.

“You’re making me mad.” So we have the ball-gagged, whipped, crying tears of joy masochist clearly before us then. A twisted freak of a SHABBOS NIGGER!

Wow, with Masoch you get a privileged view into the mind of the male feminist and the rightwing doormat

Whether she is a princess or a peasant girl, whether she is clad in ermine or sheepskin, she is always the same woman: she wears furs, she wields a whip, she treats men as slaves and she is both my creation and the true Sarmatian Woman.

[emphasis mine]

It isn’t something so easy to perceive. Look for it, I bet you will notice if you begin to look- virtually everyone, right and left, avoids the subjects of women and jews. This omission is a form of being walked on. We know that in both cases they are not the most virtuous types of people around, so something more than silence is certainly called for, and yet–instead we have the ball-gagged, whipped, quietly crying tears of joy masochist.

Masoch isn’t just a standalone writer, he’s an archetype of all the grinning eunuchs.

“I swear to you, all it does is make me feel dead inside! There’s no joy!” Okay, I’ll believe you, this is just a theory, one that might not describe you personally.

Ask yourself why they are so ready to go into attack dog mode to defend their masters when they are exposed as shabbos goys? This clearly shows they find a fulfillment in being a doormat. How many synonyms do you need? If it’s a positive emotion they derive from humiliation THAT IS MASOCHISM, call it what it is.

You are a pathetic worm being whipped, by a woman in furs, Mr. Masoch!

And then the skank-collective is going, “Oh no, he’s trying to get them to stop us from doing any vile thing we want!” Yes, I whip you instead, have you caught the drift yet? The more of us the better for society. And the jew needs something more than the whip.

“Mm mm mmm mmm!” What’s that? I can’t understand you through your ball-gag Mr. Masoch. Are you trying to protest because you don’t want being a doormat to end?

“It makes me feel dead inside to not be able to say anything.” No, I think it grew on you.

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