“Objectivity” itself is a mood, no one can deny that. Is it the truest mood though? I think objectivity can only be attained when all sympathy and empathy are eliminated. Sympathy and empathy seem to be psyops that keep you bound to the herd that necessarily lives in illusion.

When I imagine an “equal” I don’t feel the need to have sympathy or empathy. These are for the world of women, children, and plebs.

Just imagine being approached and someone saying “What I’m about to tell you I sugarcoat with my sympathy and empathy for you.” The norm is for that “preface” to be unspoken, the ideal is for there to be no sympathy or empathy at all.

I for the 20th time suggest you read the Phenomenologists if you haven’t. Most human encounters are defined by sympathy/empathy. Whether it’s in real life or online the experience of being-with-another is structured based on how you can best avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Who wants that? Approaching someone that way is disrespectful in my opinion.

This is relative though I have to admit, because what prompted me to begin writing this post was my feeling of sympathy/empathy. And I thought, “What is the real importance of those?”

As “cold” of a person you might think I am I still have my reservations at times because it would cause too much suffering to say certain things.

To me everything revolves around the Problem of Evil, so while you might disagree with what I see as evil, what I believe no sympathy/empathy should be directed toward is evil.

Evil manifests in human “types”, and these human types usually gather together into “groups”.

In our democratic free-for-all you better find yourself on the side with at least 51% of groups in solidarity or you might regret it.

I simply do not care to appease (approach with sympathy/empathy, i.e. lies) the 51% or the 49% that has to cater to them.

Some people I speak to here sold their soul before I was born. Do you think I expect to make much leeway with them? If you do not approach someone with an undue amount of sympathy/empathy (lies) you are now the devil to them. Devil says Hey, you’re making a fool of yourself.

Thinking both globally and into the 22nd century, can you wrap your head around how much of a loss to the planet it will be when the yellow chinks are the world-hegemon? They’re not people. Nothing is gained from letting monkeys have control. It’s only a setback in the progress of humanity.

Number of Chinese people I’ve seen say something profound- 5

Number of Euro people I’ve seen say something profound- 5000

It’s not looking good, lots of retards in the future by the looks of it. And the irony is that only retards would allow that future to happen.

Now about these “groups” I mentioned that people refrain from speaking of. The skank-collective has to be high on the list in terms of the idiotization it brings to humanity. These are whores that essentially want to smoke crack all day without regard for future consequences. Then we have the kike-collective that only wants to keep piling up money with no thought of spending it, they have a pathology to simply pile up money, regardless of the consequences of what they did to make the money. Then there’s the eunuch-collective that is only about survival- they will say what they have to say to not get the guillotine, and again, the consequences for their silence will lead to the monkey-chinks being world-hegemon. Then the most obvious one to say is the nigger-collective, which isn’t human as it is, so there’s no point including them in the main groups that ruin society. The skank-kike-eunuch-nigger “west” = chink-monkey rule. Hopefully you don’t see yourself as one of those five.

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