When everyone lowkey wants you dead you try to learn to love life anyway. I’m not trying to be an arrogant POS, it’s just my self-understanding that I’ve synthesized some of the heights of European and Jewish esotericism, and that’s the main reason for why people tend to have the impulse to disappear me.

I’ll spare you my journey to that and simply say that who I care about focusing my thoughts on are the best Euros who are dead and the best Jews who are dead, and not paying much attention to living ones. They see right through you, what do you expect?

It’s important to note though that after enough meditation I’ve learned to see through them too. I’m no different from you- I think of it like Spongebob. Watch enough Spongebob and it gets old- there’s a similar dynamic in the adult world.

Auden on Yeats’ occultism- “How embarrassing.” Except it’s “How arrogant.” No it’s not arrogance, that’s just how it is. Both the dead and the living are old to me and I have my own ideas as a 21st century person who has absorbed both and found them wanting.

I invite others to start from here too, to save yourself lots of time. In case you never picked up the hint, Nietzsche was a shabbos goy. He can only be understood in light of his self-declared only friend, Wagner. 1000 studies could be written about this, and instead you find never-ending further judaifications of the mustache man. Who could blame these academics for that, when even off-the-grid anons judaize him? An ultra-serious question I ask you, not a rhetorical one.

So let’s get into something. You’re not going to be happy with me for detailing it.

No, never mind, we’ll skip that, since it makes you only want me to be dead.

I’ve been trying in vain for months to be transferred to a different gulag, and hopefully I might be soon, to a place in the mountains- mountains have a cross-cultural resonance in these matters that I speak of, so I’ll probably be happier there.

Did you ever stop and wonder why Kabbalah was banned from 99.99% of the human population for centuries? Platonism is the euro equivalent, it usually took the form of being packaged in diluted Christian “forms”. Did you ever wonder, did you think that was for no reason?

It might give you one of those “sharp inhales” to hear that I withhold what those are about to some extent. You simply do not want to know, in the very core of your instincts. [omits something] And I wanted to tell you about how [omits something else]. So unfortunately we cannot disclose these things to the blessed children until it is their right time.

Socrates, Jesus, and Kabbalah all relay this truth about the different types of human who were born or not born for damnation. My own taste is that Socrates would have called the other two damned.

In our culture everyone is a mix of the three, and it seems not many look at the other two like Socrates might.

“No matter what you say we’ll buy you out, and make your hemlocking look like a gift to humanity.” Hence people have “incentives” to not see it through his prism.

I’m just a regular person hanging out and I happen to have wifi, so there are probably others like me too (uh oh).

“So why don’t you just go ahead and tell us what you omit, we promise not to want to wish you were dead for saying it!” You’d have to prove yourself, which I’m not sure you’re capable of.

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