I only like a true woman. I want you to fight off all humanity. And I love you for that.

You unequivocably destroy the foundational order.

Then you expect to not deserve women? All the jews have been proven to be niggers.

A jew is a pussy bitch to me. Why does the little bitch have to hide so much?


YES you do pussy bitch, and why don’t we ask some random female Jewess what they think?

I think a random female jewess would want to know what a nahtzyee thinks.

What do you think Ms Jewess?

-Jewess voice- Are you hearing me white boy?


“So do you know what I want then?”

Only half of you understands. You’d never know what it was like for me to bite your nipple.

And yet I prefer a pink nipple, a european nipple, to bite (no eroticism here).

No one is gathered here. What’s important in life, best friends, wife forever? We don’t know anything about that here, only killing part of yourself is what is allowed in this place.

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