Try not to laugh when you read this

I’m still scrolling through that misanthropy study.

I just saw some guy at the store who sheepishly apologized for taking the right-of-way in an aisle with “Excuse me” and it made me forget about this study for a second. Once they’re not strangers and you get to know them…

Would you ever sheepishly apologize to me and say “Excuse me, I was in error”? HAHAHA! I’ll probably just provoke you to do something further from the above quotation. That’s the struggle.

“Why don’t you sheepishly apologize to me instead?” Because, we’re at war. I’m not going to do that. Besides, I’m the Yoda of this drama – that is not your place to request that from me. Everyone knows it’s true, and there’s been a mass neurosis over it for years.

Worldly people who make excuses about everything, sorry that you’re one of those.

You cannot bring yourself to step in front of the vulgar herd to be scapegoated in the grand sense. That says something about your nature, I see something conniving there. It’s like seeing a rat on its hind legs chewing something in the corner that springs somewhere and hides in a shadow.

I don’t even have to name an individual person, because they all act the same way.

“You caught me squeaking like a rat, time for revenge!” Yeah you’d finally be honest if you actually said that.

This gives me such a big smile

Everyone is deeply tainted and there is no escaping taint. That seems to be the premise on which the play proceeds.

Why the hesitance here? Is this scholar some sort of rodent himself?

The scene might have been constructed specifically to drag us steadily towards misanthropy, but not let us tip over the edge.

Go over the edge.

It’s the only way to not be an object of a misanthrope’s hatred, and misanthropy is the only principled position in existence.

“It’s impossible for someone who is a rat to do that, we just scamper into the shadows.”

Wow, you wonder why I PUNT you everytime I see you then.

Shatter every bone in your body then spoonfeed you applesauce in your mummy-suit at the hospital, the latter is what this post is.

You ever know one of those “real douchbags”? People whisper behind their backs that they’re a “total piece of shit”? You can’t deny those are real. Now just imagine that humanity itself could be described that way. Surprise identity reveal of what humanity is.

Someone like Franki isn’t a rodent by the way. Basically, if you’re not talking about the rodents AS rodents then you are one of the rodents.

This is why recently I said Leo Strauss is like a Shamir- imagine some opinion piece in a newspaper or a bluecheck talking about the “exoteric/esoteric” distinction at all. Proceeding as if that distinction does not exist, and that only the exoteric is real, is rodent behavior. While Strauss never spoke directly about what actual esoteric truths are, he at least formulated this distinction itself, which I dare YOU to do in public. If you don’t do that then just know that when you see a rat and feel an innate disgust, that’s how I see you. Upon the shock of catching a glance at a rat one wonders, “Does it carry diseases?” The answer regarding human-rats is “Yes”, it spreads mental diseases. “It’s good to be a kike, it’s good to be a nigger, it’s good to be a woman.” – you should be in an insane asylum. All of that is false. There’s a good chance that if I woke up one morning as any of those I’d kill myself. Sorry to inform you of that. I try to help these types, because I think advice from outside of their parochial circles could free them from their condition to some extent. Do you think I’d be proud to be a member of the Italian mafia? Those gangster movies are poison, Plato would burn them all. Now, how about the Jewish mafia you apologize for everyday? That’s not a movie. You’re a real “character” and you are a human rodent, that’s the “role” you play in “real life” you fucking rat.

Ferocious, ungovernable, mad violence, extreme revenge – is that me right now? Yes, I’m part of the human drama.

Look at these synchronicities – this is obviously Hegelian

he is well aware that he is himself implicated as an object of his own disgust, which, in any case, the play largely suggests that he is right to feel. Indeed, he rises above the others in his reflective attitude towards it.

There, now you can be more reflective.

Have you ever read me once without any emotion?

I’ve told you the “cold way forward” before. Being “off the reservation” should be a collective enterprise. I try to set an example as an individual. Having a cloistered society away from the rodents and jews is what is ideal. What would you be leaving behind?

Even if I had to spend many hours a day being a farmer it sounds preferable. You’re a slave of people who hate you who want you to reincarnate into a monkey. And they’re already solidly along on that process. Even five years ago people were distinctly more human. So imagine what fifty years from now will look like if we remain on the reservation. That’s their true plan, to pull your consciousness back toward the mineral, and you want to stick around for it.

When you look at all the ones who accept that and it doesn’t make you feel like a misanthrope, that’s a sign it’s already too late for you.

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