Freddie Mercury is high art. 1% of faggots isn’t so bad. It’s when it’s more than 1% that it’s a problem. When Freddie walks on stage like a total queer there’s no question that he is a type of shaman. He’s so fruity, why is he so much an eternal artist?

Freddie just doesn’t care.

By the way, you probably want to be soothed that I hate both women and men.

“I’m a man and you want to fuck me!” Nah brah that would make me puke, sorry to break it to you. There’s something special about Freddie, that’s all.

“Why don’t you admit for once Mr. Wagner that you are queer?”

I’m not, Queen is just easily one of the best bands ever. It is one of the only ones that approaches classical.

What is a gay guy? Someone whose entire personality revolves around how bowel movements can be simulated by the organ that sprays seed that creates new life?

Gays bang people in the place they poop out of.

I like blowjobs myself. Is that natural?

Thus kinks in themselves aren’t bad.

“You’re a fucking faggot!” Haven’t you doxxed my porn history for years?

Anyone who is afraid of the gender question is in fact a faggot.

That’s what startled me into it, that some trannies were saying “YOU’RE AFRAID!” Nah I’m not afraid, to tell you the truth you have to wear a pink shirt to challenge the jews. Yeah kike I don’t care, because not challenging you would be pinker.

People who refrain from challenging the jews are a sect of people who are the pinkest on earth.

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