I have stories and secret to tell, I just don’t know who is worth telling them to.

I’m not sure if you know “tragedy” unless you have friends who were imprisoned, blackmailed, suicided. If they continue to try to drive you to suicide after they’re dead. Just a normal site you’re on, don’t worry about it.

Did you want to hear a story, anon? I’m not sure if you’ll believe me. If you want to know what’s truly going on in American politics you probably need to know about this.

He’s dead now, and people won’t believe me anyway, and furthermore he seems like the type that would want people to know. This is John McAfee. Were we friends? Or just two people with a common cause? I’d have to say friends, though all of my friends are frenemies (that’s the nature of two sovereign people knowing each other).

He is one of the very few “elites” of ours that was actually an elite. NOTE WELL- what happened to him will happen to any of our elites that attempts to do what he did (which of course has been memory-holed).

Here is a tattoo of his – he knew it was going to happen

He always said that if he “commits suicide” it wasn’t him who did it, he was murdered. And after he was imprisoned he was suicided.

All I knew about him until a few years ago was this

When I was a kid and had dial-up internet, the annoying kind that makes the dialing noise, you know, that’s all I knew about him.

What exactly happened here? Anyone care to dig?

This man was a true troll among our elites

Who can top this !!

I can think of a dozen anecdotes off the top of my head that none of our elites will ever even have the balls to aspire to.

McAfee was a real elite. And now he’s dead.

womp womp

(your belief is not required) is key to this post of mine. You probably think this is all a “tall tale”. Yeah and you probably think it’s a tall tale that I was his vice president. You remember he ran for president, right?

So for those of you who aren’t skeptical, trust me, etc., McAfee RAN ON THE MURDER TICKET. All of his followers knew it. If not all then most. This is the only legitimate coup attempt that I’m aware of from recent times.

“You’re making it all up!!!” Your belief is not required.

McAfee knew all about the Jews. Note that he rarely made this known explicitly. I can think of two times he hinted about them in a way I thought was too risky. He ran for president, he was imprisoned, and he died by suicide after getting a tattoo saying he was going to be suicided. This is American politics. Any of you elites want to try to pull a McAfee any time soon?

Physiognomy check

He looked good for an old man too. He was a real person. As a millennial I believe he was authentically “cool”. This is what they do with our “real elite”.

I could tell you so many stories about John. If you followed his twitter and weren’t blind then you don’t need me to tell them to you because you experienced them firsthand.

“Wait, tell me more about–” No, I don’t think I will.

In honor of a real elite

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