This is a kabbalist I often hear in the same breath with the Vilna Gaon and Luzzatto so probably wouldn’t hurt to take a glance

There’s nothing in English of his, only this secondary text on him I quote above from. He’s known as someone who systematized Luria with mathematical precision.

What I really want is a fellow Dionysian’s systematization of Luria. Since those don’t exist (besides Bjerknes) I resort to looking into this Sharabi fellow.

For my readers who are sick of bullshitting and have an interest in, say, a ten year project that could possibly result in leveling a devasting attack against the establishment–do those exist or is it all superficial shitposters?–I try to show you resources and keep you up to date where I am at

There is a limited constellation of writers that undergird the worldview of our totalitarians, and Sharabi seems to be one of them.

Do you think Descartes was crucial in forming French consciousness, or was he just random and didn’t have any effects? The Descarteses of the Khazarian world are mostly unknown to us.

Is it better to be six-feet-under with John in a world like this filled with kikes and useless goys? I sometimes wonder.

In the meantime I try to study the minds behind their partzufim so as to develop “Greek” thoughts about them

Probably have to remind you that it’s standard among Kabbalists to believe in reincarnation. They tended to see Luria splitting into four sparks when he died which reincarnated in these four mystics above.

Recall the PaRDeS system of exo-eso. Sharabi represents the P, peshat, or the most exoteric of the four. The Vilna Gaon is R, remez, Luzzatto and the Besht are D and S, derash and sod, respectively, the most esoteric.

Try not to be arrogant, it’s necessary to start with the exoteric before moving on to the esoteric.

Do you think some jew or some shabbos professor is going to show up at your echo chamber and say Hey nazi guy, want to know the order of exo–>eso within kabbalah? So that’s our own responsibility to share these things with each other.

So, you know how Luria didn’t write much, and that “Luria” is mostly known through his student Vital’s Etz Hayyim? Sharabi’s works are seen as a type of sequel to Vital, some call them Etz Hayyim 3. His magnum opus is titled Nahar Shalom (River of Peace). And similar to the cases of the Zohar, Luria, and Luzzatto, and the Besht, it’s a mystical CIRCLE that is in question rather than one independent writer. Primary texts are often the products of collaborations by a SCHOOL. And those primary texts in certain cases are surpassed after generations of further students developing the initial ideas.

Americans might as well be as ignorant as the Native Americans when they were invaded. Do you think Native Americans ever read Hobbes, Locke, Calvin, etc.? So why be a blind savage? Know what the invaders want with your world and why.

Americans look as stupid as an Indian wearing a cowboy hat (they wear yarmulkes instead). “We’re not invaded shut up!” Yeah it’s too late, that’s why you don’t even realize it. I doubt you’ll be getting tax-free casinos as recompense either, in all likelihood you will be getting absolutely nothing.

You know how (after visiting this site for a while) you see the following and somewhat understand?

Well with Sharabi it’s another case of the sefirot being exotericism–that’s right, the exoteric of the PaRDeS formulation is itself esoteric

Sharabi’s practices derived from name traditions in the manner developed in Lurianic teachings—as opposed to emphasizing the teachings on the sefirot and the worlds.

Neither Idel or Wolfson have standalone studies titled something like Sharabi or The Vilna Gaon, or Luzzatto – they probably don’t want people to know about them. (Idel DOES have a decent one on the Besht though.)

And any goy who does know somewhat is canceled to the plains of doom. Euros are doing great.

This site is the best I know of for trawling the web for books with a certain author or keyword in the title, and all I see is this one secondary text on Shar’abi by Giller.

Hopefully these names are familiar to you now

Sharabi, as we have seen, followed Vital and rejected writings from the Sarug school, specifically Naphtali Bacharach’s Emek ha Melekh

You can sign up for free articles from JSTOR and read a summary of the Emek ha Melekh here. And if you don’t mind putting hebrew through google translate here is another one.

People just like things to happen without understanding them. Not me. If things are happening I like to understand them. Kabbalah explains ZOG. And not the infinite new-age books out there on “kabbalah”.

While I love that Unz site, to my knowledge the authors there never get into any of this. I.e. one of the best sites on the planet is limited. Another of my favorite sites, Dugin’s – good luck finding discussion of the dimensions of Kabbalah there. Thus, in the goy world too we have a certain PaRDeS system…

Ctrl+f “sharabi” here to see some other articles to google.

BLM, COVID, gorilla dicks, Putin, grooming, DarkMAGA, Hitler, Great Reset, the ones who jump on the bandwagon of the conformist-topic of the day seem to have journalist-level IQ whether they’re on the right or left. Someone who says something insightful about the political philosophy inherent in kabbalah, that’s someone I’d see as an equal.

“Whoa he just described my personality, it’s the same as everyone else’s, crazy stuff!!”

And the cladistic Kabbalists only smirk at your middlebrow.

Neither the journalist-caste nor the masses they’re barely smarter than are ever going to change.

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