How did this director slip my mind? Oh the answer is right there

Herzog’s films seem to obtain a height from which scholarly, analytic prose can only detract.

Why does he have such a special place in my mind, especially his Fitzcarraldo? Some say it’s because his voice is so hypnotic. That only explains what’s so enthralling about his documentaries though. He’s a master of multiple mediums.

I just want to back away when I try to write about Herzog.

Everyone knows Scorcese’s thoughts about Marvel (it’s not cinema) – Herzog is of a similar temperament

Herzog recommends waging ‘holy war’ against television shows such as Bonanza (1959–73). More recently he stated that ‘our grandchildren will blame us for not having tossed hand-grenades into TV stations’

Usually you think of a documentary as something mundane. Herzog is the only one I know of that makes that genre into a form of art.

Marvel isn’t cinema wait wait I’m still laughing about that one…

-hysterical jewess voice- An enemy of Democracy!!!!!

Maybe we should just let Herzog speak for himself about his cinema

cinéma vérité reaches a merely superficial truth, ‘the truth of accountants’, but that ‘there are deeper strata of truth in cinema, and that there is such a thing as poetic, ecstatic truth … [this] is mysterious and elusive, and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylisation’

This is kind of another niche subject so sorry if you haven’t gotten to Herzog yet.

He’s a Dionysian, he’s a Beckettian. You can sense this even in his supposedly more minor films – I feel like people forgot about the following ones, and that’s a mistake

Especially if you like movies about ‘Nam, I thought Rescue Dawn was almost as good as The Deer Hunter.

That’s the thing with Herzog, he’ll probably be remembered as a documentarian- and he made standard fictional films just to show that he can make A-movies if he really wants to.

You can’t say this about every director

Part of his self-understanding as an artist who transcends the sphere of the political – his separation of aesthetics from politics – comes from the idea that he has special access to a social unconscious.

I spend every day thinking about Nietzsche’s superman. Herzog is one of the only people in the world who has a soul.

Maybe he doesn’t have Michael Bay style special effects, CGI explosives and such, and that doesn’t matter, because Herzog doesn’t need that.

If you don’t notice that he’s a sort of “Cioran” figure you’ll miss out on some strata of his films

This study on Herzog isn’t helping me at all. And I expected that.

What director has a picture like this?

I think of Herzog as one of the rare sovereign artists that doesn’t pander to anyone. Even if some of his films don’t resonate with me at all I still appreciate them because I always have the sense that at least he was doing what he wanted to do rather than what people demanded of him.

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