You: “When niggers speak I try to hide it because I have doubts whether I am truly a human either.”

Me: “It must be a coincidence that jews and niggers raped you and killed you.”

You: “Wait, that wasn’t me, that was you. We only want subhumans to rape and kill humans.”

Me: “Okay, if that is you.”

Me, meanwhile, chilling. If you live in a world with jews browns blacks and white plebs why would you think they’d have anything to say from a non-pleb perspective.

My readers are niggers.

Do a math equation. It doesn’t matter, your response to this message equates to you being a nigger jew. Prove me wrong nigger. YOU CAN PROVE THE MASSES WRONG AND yet you cannot prove the masses right.

You’re white, you’re beautiful, you’re smart – if someone can read those words then we are a step free from the kiike empire, hello, stupid white nigger.

“Maybe I just care about being a GIRL and loving you? And cooking you dinner, and giving you advice from time to time.” That’s an Aryan goddess who isn’t allowed to speak.

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