Well-balanced thread on the in/compatibility of fascism and islam

Hey don’t get distracted anon, we’re trying to have a serious discussion here.

That thread made me laugh so many times, I wouldn’t mind if most people in the west were channers.

Hadn’t heard of this angle

[Khomeini] couldn’t have pulled it off without tricking Kikes who thought that they could subvert Iran by supporting him, but that didn’t happen, and this causes them to seethe to this day.

Everyone (secular or not) can already feel this meme anyway, so we can’t take even Khomeini very far

Is it really heretical though to want to help one’s nuclear program and arms trafficking against the other? Seems more meaningful than Anything you can do in the US.

Politics-as-religion, which is the norm here, is empty because it has to be moderate-politics-as-religion, so people in effect are worshiping a diminished god. Translating this politics-religion into old christianspeak, being a moderate is like saying “I like Jesus” instead of “I love Jesus”. Just real lukewarm people everywhere, I don’t get how they can be content.

Being out of the US and around a more extremist people seems like it would sever the psychological bond between us and liberals. Whether we like it or not, liberals are still our Volk and we are still one with them on a psychic level, hence the need for moderate politics. I don’t want to be one with them anymore, whatsoever.

Being moderate on twitter for instance is a clear sign that one wants to still be in the liberal milieu. That’s why people didn’t migrate to Gab for instance. They want to be part of the liberal world and try to “influence” it toward illiberalism. That’s a psychological bond with them, i.e. a connectedness with a force that is arguably evil. “Arguably”, sure.

The other side of this though

Islam is not of our people. It has its positive qualities, but it’s for a different racial soul… converting to Islam puts you in communion with the Arab world, pulling you into their orbit, culturally and eventually racially.

Maybe it’s just a grass is always greener mentality, I just think there couldn’t be much worse than being pulled into the shitlib orbit. If you tell yourself you’re equal to a woman, a black, and a jew, then you will gradually morph into all of them, and that’s clearly a reversal of evolution. The Shi’ists see themselves as unequal before God, and superior to jews, women, and shitlibs.

See, that thread had me convinced for a few minutes it’s impossible, then I think about it some more, and it seems like a relevant debate at best and a useful thought-experiment at worst.

I just try to look at the cold truth of the situation

Wouldn’t it make you puke if you woke up one day and had a wife who was a vote for Bernie type? Meanwhile, on the MENAnet I’ve seen women who are openly sympathetic to Adolf and don’t lose their job at the university. It’s a tough thing to think about, isn’t it?

Anyone who’s been pulled too far into the liberal orbit is a spiritual kike and spiritual nigger and thus fucking them would be a form of bestiality. It’s tough to think about, isn’t it?

I remember the first time I learned the word “euphemism”, I think I was 11. I’m not an ogre, I just hate euphemisms. I also remember the first time I learned the word “hypocrite”, I think then I was 10. Hate euphemisms, hate hypocrites, simple as.

Not many places like this on the dead internet

Meanwhile it’s not uncommon to see this sort of thing with these types

I.e. Hinduism is kosher while Islam is apt to get the rage flowing.

You just have to laugh at this

I mentioned Herzog yesterday having special access to the social unconscious. I feel like I have that with the right. Just fess up, you’re sympathetic to Hinduism for reasons you don’t understand, and hate Islam for reasons you don’t understand.

Both Hinduism and Buddhism seem to be religions that cause a sort of lethargy. In that sense they’re good for the plans of Judaism. The religion between us and the far east, Islam, is portrayed as the “psycho” and is used as the whippingboy in contrast to the hippie peace of India. Hire me to teach World Religions, any day now. There’d be so much whining from the cladistic Christians. “You’re so MEAN!” Do you accidentally lactate estrogen from your manboobs when you say that?


It isn’t about politics, it’s about religion and truth. The left is full of people who it would be bestiality to fuck.

I used to be into Buddhism when I was young, and I never stopped wanting Enlightenment.

I think these channers (who are bringing out my sailor mouth more than usual)–like the rest of the right–haven’t reached a stage of Enlightenment yet if they can entertain Hinduism and not Islam.

Prabhupada’s commentary… AHAHHA

This is true though

Zazen, the Laws of Manu, there’s undeniable resources to be found in the far east, they just can’t beat Shi’ism in my opinion. I say this as someone who’s read the Tao Te Ching dozens of times. I went through a “phase” that many still seem to be in.

Yeah these guys are cool though

Keep dreamin

“Baby please vote for Bernie with me, he’s 105 now cut him some slack.” Speaking of Enlightenment, that’s faaaaar away from Enlightenment. DarkMAGA types might as well be Bernie bros too to be honest. Sorry, I like real religion.

Just kidding.

I really do feel like living in this country with its zeitgeist does turn me into a pig, even when I try to resist it.

Imagine a jew or a woman saying “I AM SWINE!! I AM!!”

No, they’re perfect. Perfect pigs, and that’s the problem.

You give me a solution to not being pulled into that orbit. You don’t have one, you probably are a swine-hybrid yourself.

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