The only way to explain humanity accurately makes most people very upset.

So I’ll meet you in the middle and frame it with Marxoid ideas. Does that make you happy, if I do that?

Don’t worry, I don’t feel like I’m talking to a child right now.

The narrow distribution of surplus capital deprived most people of a soul.

I don’t necessarily mean this cynically. Pretty much the only way you can get a soul is if you buy one in some sense. “Money” is an abstraction from resources. You don’t have to look at history bitterly- oftentimes, people deserved the resources they got, because they were talented at one thing or another. With their talents they gathered resources which they bought souls of future generations with. It’s not a bad thing to buy a soul. It’s only bad if you stole the resources you bought it with in some way.

I’m not a doctor informing you you have cancer. In most cases I’m informing you you’re already dead, you were born dead, you were born without a soul. This can be explained through Marx, if that is what you need as a crutch.

“So you’re trying to say that Jews bought the best soul?” To some extent this is true. I hope I have mature readers who don’t wince into an irrational frenzy when I suggest that their methods for buying it undermined the product that they bought.

Stop taking me for some kind of monster, I have more in common with a Rabbi than I do with 99.9% of people. That doesn’t mean a Rabbi is my friend, I just acknowledge there are similarities between us.

No one chooses to be born as the person that they are. For whatever cursed reason, I was born as the European version of a Rabbi. 3/4 of my family I know next to nothing about, so why I am here talking to you about these things is a mystery to me as much as it is to you. I mostly know about the history of my Italian 1/4.

To even talk about these things at all, to have the distinct feeling I am speaking to children, is all the sign you need that somehow a soul was able to be bought somewhere down the line.

This is where it gets interesting to me. Europeans and Jews did not have the same methods for piling up surplus resources. One of the two in particular in this scenario seems to have bought a soul with bloodmoney.

I’m not going to lie to you and say Europeans are innocent, I’m only saying that relatively speaking, the Jew out of anyone is notorious for why “capitalism” has a bad name.

Not all Jews are tainted by their history, just most of them. Many of my favorite scholars are Jews and sometimes I get the impression they hate the egregore even more than I do, they’re just more careful and secretive about saying anything against it.

Greetings Rabbi, I know that you have phantom sidecurls. I also have something similar in regard to the Christian priesthood. Are you a Talmudist or Sabbatean? Maybe you’re both, because I feel simultaneously like a Wotanist “priest” myself.

Your own volk is threatened by “your” egregore – so do you have any ideas? What was all that bloodmoney for if you can’t think of any ideas on how to supplant them? Innumerable generations of Jews were religiously concerned with buying the very soul you have now, and what do you do with it?

Let’s do a David Caspar Friedrich and gaze upon this foggy landscape of “humanity”. The most charitable interpretation I could proffer is that many of them have a “flickering” type of soul. It’s not there most of the time, and it flickers on sometimes, 1/10 times they have a thought if they’re lucky. The question is what should be done about these? Because it is dangerous that there are so many of these. An overwhelming majority. And even in our ruling-caste, of your ethnicity, this is the case.

How do you find yourself here? Does anyone know? You don’t say these things that I say if your ancestors were foragers. You don’t say them if they were merchants. Dear Rabbi, perhaps you should celebrate Easter – wasn’t Christ the “best Jew” after all?

To condense some things, my point is that souls are bought, that Jews bought theirs from screwing over Christians, and that Christians bought their souls from talking about God in churches of their own countries. A different soul is developed from these two methods.

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