You can live without icy cold takes, so why are you here then? In that misanthropy study I was somewhat caught off guard when the author said that approaching random people, you’ll find that more than you expect are some type of misanthrope.

I’m going to bring in a writer here that you probably wouldn’t foresee to be in this context, and that is Anselm. As a neechen hyper-critical person I’ve been struggling to prove him wrong for years, and I can’t. Below-zero temperature perspectives follow from Anselm’s (at first glance) simple point.

It seems there’s a lowkey glamorization of “monks” in our culture, and yet no one bothers to read the writings of the best monks of history. If you care to read them it’s a sign you’re some semblance of monk in our postmodern consoomerist society.

Wait, didn’t I already give up on my readers as “permanent niggers”?

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