For whatever reason, I never googled my nord grandpa’s last name until today, and it literally traces back to Normandy. So this how we find ourselves here, YOU AND I.

Want to make us extinct huh? I see how it is.

I was only larping as a Norman before, now it all makes sense.

Is that a thing with genetics? That you can turn out closer to one of your grandparents than the other three?

Alright, I’m going to post something dark here, I hope you don’t mind

after Lincoln’s election that “the possession of the Government by a hostile, sectional party” had placed southern “destinies under the control of another and distinct people.” […] “it is a foreign government, which understands not our condition, defers not to our opinions, consults not our interests, and has no sympathy with our peculiar civilization.”

Before ZOG we had another foreign government. Washington, Franklin, and other founders were Normans.

Well at least we had the golden years, ~1775-1865. After that it’s orcs. And before that, Cromwell was another lowly leveler primate.

It really does start to make sense, my feelings about you, your feelings about me. How I talk down to you all the time and you kind of just accept it. Yeah, that’s the natural relation. You know, in the real world, where people whose opinions you don’t like aren’t disappeared from the public. A sad, nigger country I was thrown into at birth, hopefully I get the pleasure of dying in my 40s like my grandpa to get away from you “people” earlier.

“It’s true, it’s all true, we’re a different species!” It does seem that way, vapid pleb. How much nothingness do you express on a daily basis? It is something that you say, something that is nothing. Nothing itself is a type of substance. A soul constituted by nothingness. A void where the wind whistles at the core of your being.

If I owned slaves I would make sure they lived comfortably. That’s part of why I think civil war historiography is exaggerated. Do the jews think the same thing about their slaves? I think not. Find a Saxon today and slap him on the back for paving the way for ZOG. “Thank you you bitter serf, see what you have done?”

“Dude shut up, you’re a dago!” I think we euromutts have oscillating moods. I can’t prove this, it’s just an intuition.

Next time I get a dog I’m probably going to get a German Shepherd. How do you explain that? I’m not German at all. It’s because the Germans carried on the torch. They were the next “Normans” after the civil war that were engulfed by the orc hordes.

And if you are typically able to follow my line of reasoning without flying off the handle there’s a good chance you are part of the “third wave” that is currently being engulfed.

All the racial aristocracies are being decapitated by the Money Power. Most of the “good Jews” have already suffered that fate long ago. In Poland, as I’ve shown, they treated heretical matzo balls with more brutality than they did uppity goys. It was, and continues to be, a totalitarian culture. The idea that under ZOG Jews are free and goyim are slaves is mythical – everyone is a slave, including the top of the kagal. “Well at least we had Lincoln.” Right, about that.

Any time you’ve felt I was talking down to you it’s because I’ve been trying to help you be more free. Jews don’t have that motivation, they speak to you under the guise of equality and politeness in order to fortify your servility.

This is so hilarious

You Puritans just can’t deal with a “white talmudist”. I’m actually telling you what’s going on and you hate me instead.

There’s a “new Norman” in town and they’re not as benevolent as us!

“Well I happen to have a little daughter and I don’t want her growing up thinking she was born to bake you pies.” Maybe she would be happier that way instead of taking the jew path of turning into an all-out whore?

It’s true, I never try to hide it, I see woman as a natural slave of mine. And again, I want my slaves to live comfortably, I always talk about women learning the classics. The problem is, a “classy broad” is still a broad, i.e. a subordinate, a non-equal. Joining the jewish crime family simply means you consent to believing in lies that gradually deteriorate society. Neither women or jews have a future-sense like euros have. Jews’ future-sense is “Hmm China looks appealing after this country is destroyed.” Do you want that on the moon?

Yup, it’s all been an “act”, I’ve been “acting” this entire time, “playing the role” of a Norman, i.e. the former ruling-caste of large portions of Europe for centuries that has been erased from history by the shekel-kikes.

Just admit it, you only like the ILLUSION of “equality”. God and King, Throne and Altar, were never abolished, they were replaced by gold-hoarders bent on decimating any noble soul among you.

I just wanted to say hello to my fellow Normans of the spirit, because they don’t get a hello from their own kind very often.

How are you doing?

One of the hidden meanings of ZOG is that there is a chimp spirit trying to co-opt your brain. Do you feel that at all? I just wanted to remind you, because you are family to me.

All the talk of “capitalism” from the vulgarians of the left is in my opinion aimed in the right direction, they’re just incapable of being direct about the matter. Your civilization has been BOUGHT. In the 2100s we likely will not be having the elevated conversation we’re having now. Just look how the white orcs react to someone like me. Both the left and “right” want us dead, broke, and alone. The difference between the 2100s and now is that you’re here reading this. The patch known as the US will be empty of such an interpretation in the 2100s.

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