Just speaking candidly, I wonder why white niggers, jews, and women need to hide the things I say?

My own self-understanding? I’m the only real man.

YHWH SPEAKS!!!! Nah just a white dude. Sup?

Hello white nigger, jew, or woman, why are you so cowardly?

It’s because the divine is not with you.

What else explains how much of a pussy you are?

What a total nigger. Hiding in plain sight because there are billions who are part of your conspiracy.

If you don’t fight the jews, cunts, cowards, and niggers then you are not a man. That’s what’s going on here. As it always was from the beginning of you finding me on the internet.

You are a bitch.

Your politics is “We want bitchworld in the future.” Nah, what a nigger.

“Let me make an excuse now.” Yeah you will do that, as a kike-soul. Kike-nigger-woman soul.

You’re already black so why does it matter to talk to you? You’re braindead. YOU’RE ALREADY A NIGGER!!!

That means you’re less than even a CHINK.

So what’s up chink

Play by the rules of people who aren’t accepted by the kike-niggers who allow you to not be disappeared from society you total woman. Look at the pussy on this one, a roastbeefpoaster, “verily”.

Play by jew rules, reap jew spoils. I.e. you’re a nigger woman twerking in every word you say, white man.

“We hide you and those you link to because we’re the righteous ones.” Nah you have a cunt between your legs, what a bitch. Tranny operation=successful.

Women are so gorgeous when they show they love shabbos goys like this. A pussy who loves a pussy, I bet that’s eugenic stupid bought-whore.

Prove me wrong.

A nigger looks like a turd, a jew acts like a piece of shit, a white that follows along with it stinks. Who wants to say any of these are “friends”? You have fake friends, idiot nigger.

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