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It seems like five years ago I always heard about Adorno, now never. Was he canceled for “brow” reasons I wonder? “Brow reasons, what are you trying to say?” There’s leveling within the kagal itself, capeesh? This is a paradigmatic debate–above all the current events tripe–between Heidegger and the Frankfurt School, right vs. left, Goyim vs. jews. This has always been my gripe, that non-entity journalists are criticized and not real-deal leftists like Benjamin. The question is, what do the smartest leftists really believe? Because the basic NPC leftists tend to be downstream from them via academic indoctrination, and the academics set the cultural mood that pop-culture and MSM gravitate around. It is a downward pyramid, and each level of the pyramid has a dimmer understanding the lower it goes down. Adorno and his colleagues are easily among the highest in the leftist pyramid. “We obliterate the peak, even of the left!” I really think that’s true. The telos of leftism is for only the base of the pyramid to remain, and eventually not even that.

Oh c’mon, this isn’t fair this isn’t fair

Heidegger never commented on the critical theorists in his published works

I for one think there is a “Heideggerbot” problem that can be somewhat ameliorated through reading Adorno’s Jargon of Authenticity.

Isn’t that one thing all of us in modernity can agree on, that “dogmatism” is the worst? It IS one of the central dogmas of ours. I don’t happen to mind it. I try not to be dogmatic about neech, heidegger, adorno, ZOG, or anti-ZOG. Those new-agers might be right about one thing- when they say to try to be present in every moment. Want to throw a curveball about Plato at me? Okay, I want that actually. Just good luck, Plato is the most present in the moment person in the history of the galaxy.

“Why don’t you talk about Deleuze if you want to mess with our sages?” Are you sure Adorno wasn’t the Jew with the most raw brainpower? There does seem to be a cladistic Talmud vs. Sabbatai debacle between these two, and Sabbatai is more for the youth.

I’m not intending to write anything exhaustive about the heid/frankfurt dispute–not enough time for that–just alerting people in the know that someone finally wrote a study about it.

Concretely-historically speaking, this is about the hippies too. Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man was a response to Heidegger’s Question Concerning Technology, and the Americans were influenced much more by Marcuse. We got that, Sartre, Beauvoir, and not the best parts of Heidegger, even though they were his “children”.

“I eat breakfast, I eat dinner, and between those times I might as well be eating like an animal too in the thoughts I have and the people I’m around.” Yes it’s the beings of pure impulse vs. the beings of reflection. You can always join our side, any day.

Tell me this isn’t the juiciest thing you’ve seen all day

The Frankfurt Schoolers were fawning over Being and Time before the war. This is another one of the key mysteries of the 20th century. Don’t you hope people in the 22nd century care about the 21st century as much as I care about the 20th century?

Put differently, they agreed with B&T until it manifested practically (politically), then all of a sudden they were hostile. You won’t hear this from an academic so I’ll say it- perhaps they were not able to meditate upon Being as profoundly as the master?

This is dangerous territory, might risk your life trespassing here, boy

anticipated many later phenomenological and existential Marx interpretations, is well known, as is their bitter correspondence after the war, but their highly charged debate over Hegel’s legacy has remained an overlooked issue.

Marcuse studied Hegel under Heidegger. What do I care what a Jew like Adorno tells me about Hegel? He reads him like a Jew. It’s crystal-clear. Hello?

“We want your philosophers read by us, goy.” Why would I tolerate that if I have 1000x deduced you are some type of nigger and you have to avoid acknowledging the deduction?

Ashkenazim are half-Italian, I have special access into your minds. We rape and murder you, you rape and murder us, so much for the end of history. “I’m the same Jew I was before reading you!!” Okay, Marcuse.

Aw look, this study is stone-age quality given the following

It should be noted that its central argument was conceived before the publication in 2014 of the first volumes of Heidegger’s notorious Schwarze Hefte

I do consider myself a rightist. Others seem to identify as that as well. Then other others identify as leftists. This is who we ARE. I’m just pointing you to more elevated discussions in this debate between us.

I’m not speaking to beginners here. If a study on Heidegger vs. the Frankfurt School does not centrally dwell on the Schwarze Hefte then there’s close to zero point in reading it. Crime family’s gonna crime family. Hope you’re not part of all that, kid.

Then there’s the further subtlety of writing a study about that which does incorporate Heidegger’s journals, and is written from a golem/kike perspective nonetheless.

“I’m not writing that, because I don’t want to end up as a scapegoat no one cares about like you.” Thanks, I’ve just always wanted to know the truth, and I guess my existence is an example of the truth that people don’t want to know the truth.

“The TRUTH is, jews and mudpeople exemplify humanity!” No, that’s you not wanting to know the truth again.

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