Just trying to understand why I’m universally hated

[Thomas Paine’s] Common Sense was “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire Revolutionary era.” … What is common sense? Traditional hatred of the Norman Yoke was common sense. Cultural Anti-Normanism is the original common sense, democratic understanding of the American Revolution.

(((Bank of England))) founded less than a century before the Revolution keep in mind. Only cog-elite like Franklin knew that side of it, “the people” only had their old grievances.

Were the Normans terrible to the Saxons? It’s an open question, at least to my knowledge. I’m a quarter Saxon myself so I feel free to speculate as wildly and “painefully” as possible.

Notice how you never see a mischling ask, Were the jews terrible to the goyim?

It’s because even the halflings are compromised beyond repair.

As a sidenote, I think it was something about the obsolescence of hand-to-hand combat that did the Normans in. The widespread use of guns. It was the aristocracy of the sword. The sole of the foot to the chest, that kind of stuff.

It’s so funny to see Saxons referring to themselves simply as “Anglos”. The second-class citizen owns the label now.

“God I hate you!!!” Yeah, we’re trying to figure out why.

I identify as an American, I’m just trying to understand the mysteries of my own country.

Maybe Normans were indeed horribly inhuman in their dealings with the Saxons? If that’s the case then I think the Saxons deserve an apology.

On the other hand, if the Saxons acted like the plebs they are today then I think the Normans deserve an apology.

One ruling-caste for another. At least the Normans were white; now you have dunecoons ruling over you. Frost vs. Sun, it does something to the brain depending which one you’re in for many centuries.

This is all so far away from standard historiography that you should stop and reflect on that for a second. The other day when I was wondering about the “darkside of humanity” and thought of Girard? Someone else I think of in that category is Heisman. You want to vomit, read Heisman. Heisman of course is a Jew (one of the few that deserves a capital J) so he can only take it so far.

“Don’t you see that nothing good happens for you when you are the way that you are?” That doesn’t matter. There needs to be ONE place on the internet, and thus in the world, where “Normans” (by blood or not) can have a candid discussion with one another. Besides, it’s taco night for me, so isn’t that a good thing happening for me? The “frost” was ultimately about ascesis. Migration to (conquest of) France, England, Sicily, were other forms of ascesis. Maybe why I can’t so easily buy another race’s surface-story about their “migrations”.

Anyway, that non-Heisman study also has some intriguing chapters

The clay-sculpture was already there when the high finance jews showed up in the US. They only had to do some patting to make it less lop-sided. That’s one virtue of the Jews, that they have a talent for pushing things to their logical conclusion. It was already a Saxon-Negro country when they showed up in the millions.

Are you ready to vomit yet? Maybe not, because negro-peoples don’t really have higher emotions that could cause that. If anything, the white negros probably feel the urge to elect a “new Lincoln” to purge the final remnants of the Norman spirit. I mean, what do you think Biden is? In that sense they’re worshipers of Mammon no different from jews. They’re trying to buy their inferiority away.

Everyone who’s visited this place knows the true value of a Verne Troyer kissing the Wailing Wall.

So, in this historiography, what I’m hinting at is that Saxons seem to have the same connotation of the Irish, as a people that is laden-to-blindess with grievances for being a slave-race. Hey, I find Irish (and Celtic) women to be some of the most attractive, and some Irish writers are my favorites, I’m only speaking of the typical conspicuous stereotype. Standard British history is all nonsense, thus standard American history is all nonsense.

When you’re from an Anglo country you’re ignorant about certain things. It’s like how we can look at the French Revolution in certain more objective ways than the French themselves can. The Revolutionary War and Civil War represented a shifting of aristocracies.

Maybe the Jews are more benevolent than the Normans ever were? My point is, there are no institutional figures who are going to lead you to try to study that question. “This is how it’s always been.” Doubtful. My own personal intuition FWIW is that I care about you (even if I hate you) while the jews don’t care about you and simply hate you.

“Are you done larping yet, are you done larping?” I’m just being myself- reading neech on the “blond beast” and related matters is when I realized who I am…

At this point in my studies I doubt you have to be blond to understand these things, though you do probably have to be a type of beast (at least by modern standards). The Shi’ists laugh at the Saxons- “Nice technology, too bad you didn’t invent a technology that prevented you from being a slave to kikes!” All too true. Some of the most renowned scientists of England, like Dawkins, are serf-souled through and through.

“So what’s your point?” Do I have one? I’m just bragging that you only want me dead because you’re a nigger.

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