Once you realize it’s a gynocracy and ZOG in one, you start to wonder about the origins

This writer claims to be a direct descendant of the Baal Shem Tov.

From Brooklyn of course, who’s surprised? I saw New York from across a lake the other day and thought “it’s thee enemy state right there.” What spirit imbues that state? Whose spirit, whose spirits?

It’s almost too obvious to speculate about- Are jewish men pussywhipped? How else do you explain it? Who is the footstool now?

At the risk of sounding misogynistic, in this context it’s easy to see that everyone lost WW2, including the Jews.

“No equality!? You might as well be putting me in Auschwitz.” “Oy vey you’re right sweetie.”

Some of these supposedly controversial things I say are really simple to understand if you read one textbook on inductive and deductive logical reasoning. Those textbooks exist, there are hundreds of them, and it only takes reading one to get the basic understanding of “this follows from that”. I’m not trying to be “pretentious” or something, it’s just a reality that our political order is effortlessly dissolved by one of those textbooks. I wrote about this here.

Back to the main subject here though- can you really hold it against an 8 year old jewish girl for feeling sad when she doesn’t see the face of God when she looks in the mirror?

In my opinion it really is the “telos of the universe” for there not to be any “junkers” left in it. I want a clod of dirt on the ground to have higher consciousness eventually. I’m not exaggerating. It is a waste of space to have a clod of dirt be what it is.

I’ve discussed before how I think there are implications to nanotechnology that people don’t talk about. The telos of the universe is for Buddhas to be the size of a cell. We want a world of Buddhas, as many as possible. If they’re the size of a cell there will be even more of them we can fit on the earth, and eventually the moon and other places. If you want to talk “extremes”, ideally there will be no “space” anymore, because both matter and space will be Buddhas and nothing else.

“Oh yeah, now I remember, I’m on a schizophrenic site!” You can call it what you want, I don’t really care. It’s not ideal for women to be baby-machines, even a “terrible person” like me thinks that. The question is what do you do in this stage of history where women are patently not Buddhas? My dear Jews, I don’t think you should be letting non-Buddhas use you as a footstool.

Imagine that sci-fi novel- ZOG except it’s not also a gynocracy. Things would be better for everyone. This is similar to the Norman-Saxon dynamic except it’s Jews-Jewesses.

No one lives in their own world. We live in the world created for us by those who are dead now. We can choose to reformulate it for ourselves.

No Saxon-serf or footstool-Jewess is going to be telling me what reality is. No one beholden to either of them is going to be telling me what reality is either. And that’s pretty much everyone in the west. If you do not support the project of a Full Buddha Universe then you are my footstool. Off the books of course.

“I want to see God, I want to think of myself as God-like.” That’s a legitimate concern, I feel sad myself that you have tears about that. A Saxon-serf, footstool-Jewess country isn’t going to make you God-like. It’s going to make you something less than even human. Again, this isn’t an exaggeration. The last five years I’ve witnessed many people abandon their humanity and turn into an ape-like thing. That is how you fit in, “gratiate” yourself, in a serf-footstool matrix.

“Aren’t you poor as dirt, don’t you have to do schmoozin of your own in order to not die under a bridge?” Aren’t I the one telling you these things? What do you have? It’s probably being a slave in public 100% of the time. Just fly me out to an island, any time, where I can study historiography and kabbalah- maybe I’d learn to love such a fallen creature as you eventually?

When you’re someone like me, who sees God’s face in the mirror when he smiles, it’s all-too-easy to figure out what’s going on in the world

I still have a strong memory of that auditorium because it was there, during one of our assemblies, as Rabbi Asher was making his announcements, that I experienced the first stirrings of my rebellion against God.

And the rest of the world followed…

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