Trying to listen to Beethoven “remixes” and I just have to x out. It IS theoretically possible to improve Beethoven. Do I know of any instances of that though? No. He’s one of the only people in history born who actually matters. “You sound pretentious for bringing him up.” No, he’s just the best, and a few of his imitators are pretty good.

Let’s try to figure out the “hipster syndrome” which I’ve brought up before. It’s closely connected with “irony-poisoning”, and that and the Death of God are connected. I only expect people younger than boomers to truly understand this.

Does anyone remember hipsters? I was somewhat one of those for some time, and mostly had friends who were like that. They hated to be named. “You’re a fucking hipster aren’t you?” I’d ask them rhetorically, and this made them angry. I can’t claim to be free from that stereotype myself though. In case you didn’t notice, I love all things ~obscure~.

I can already sense that I’m touching something sensitive of the younger generations. “Don’t talk about who we are, or else.”

As I understand it, cladistic hipsters can be self-hating hipsters. When I talk favorably about Catholicism for instance, I’m being a cladistic, self-hating hipster. Just because Catholicism is not obscure doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few merits to it.

Obscure. Tell me what the real value of obscurity is, try to voice it. I feel it too. Is that a Christian thing itself? If it’s obscure then it was crucified in a sense.

Don’t worry, this is just an obscure interpretation of the younger generations’ zeitgeist.

I see Beethoven and Catholicism as similar. There isn’t much to improve.

We’re getting too controversial now.

This reveals how all the little demons hate what’s good more than anything, the flaws of Beethoven and Catholicism notwithstanding.

“It’s a church of pedophiles!!” Duh, that’s the non-obscure interpretation though.

The question I want to ask at the moment is why really care about obscurity? Is anyone even able to articulate why, or is it just too much part of their identity to be able to?

It’s a litmus test. Ask yourself if Catholicism more or less got the basics right. Ask yourself if Beethoven more or less can’t be improved upon. I was seeing some techno, rap, and metal remixes of Beethoven that were really bad. It’s possible to improve him! I just don’t see any examples of it.

Shi’ism obviously is not an improvement upon Catholicism for us Euros. I freely admit that’s just the desperation option. And what else is there?

It’s similar to how I gave you an esoteric (obscure) interpretation of Christmas some months ago. That’s MY idea of an “improved Catholicism”. In fact, that’s what most of what I write about is. I want a better Beethoven and a better Catholicism for the future. Among other things. A better Plato is the ultimate goal that contains both Beethoven and Catholicism. And that also has been my project.

“It’s too much, I’m sorry to tell you.” Yeah I know the little demons hate it. Having responsibility to higher ideals.

I’m flawed myself. I am a sinner. I am Grug the caveman, with an out-of-control libido and egotism. I only want to be forgiven if it means that forgiveness helps me improve.

Forgiving everyone for everything with no strings attached seems like a dubstep-Beethoven remix. No, people need to be held accountable and shamed. They need to confess.

Anyone like me who makes jokes about wanting Muslim sex-slaves is clearly not a Catholic. Call it a hyper-prot I guess? What most of us younger generations can hope for is to be a self-hating decadent rather than a pure, unreflective decadent.

We still haven’t gotten out of this “obscurantism” mentality. I just expect not many people will be “on board” with the purity of Catholicism. In that sense, it’s obscure. As a Euromutt like myself, it does seem like the Beethoven of religions.

Sorry for thinking that God and family are something profound. It’s just too easy to be a 2 dollar hooker than have higher ideals. I like the idea of a bride in white, and children who are not depraved with jewish ideas and playing video games all the time. I guess I’m not a hipster then, if that’s what I like.

We’re all still part of it and should repent. Being on the internet is similar to a video game.

I want purity, I want Beethoven, I want an improvement upon Beethoven. Yes, this is the ultimate goal.

No it’s not, the ultimate goal is improvement upon neech.

The rabble is incapable of doing that. They hide the great chain of being while pretending they improve upon it. No, you’re just part of jewniggerworld where good things like Beethoven and Catholicism are seen as demonic by people who have no sense of responsibility, people with tainted, impure souls.

Oh I really want to be on your “team”. Like I’ve said before in different ways, everyone is a sinner, everyone is flawed, and it separates the wheat from the chaff to see who stands with the ones who want to hide all the subhumans. It’s almost like the idea of confession makes them anxious?

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