This is a good essay on the Gypsies. From it I learn it is speculated they arrived in Europe around the same time as the Khazars. And that leads me to a genetic study

over 70% of European Jews and almost all Eastern European Jews cluster with Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani Jews… Approximately 15% of Central European Jews cluster with Druze and the rest cluster with Cypriots. All European Jews cluster distinctly from the Middle Eastern cluster. Strong evidence for the Khazarian hypothesis is the clustering of European Jews with the populations that reside on opposite ends of ancient Khazaria

There are two main theories of their origins

Both could be true

The DNA evidence seems to indicate that they are

The above map is matrilineal, the below map is patrilineal ancestry.

Intuitively you’d expect it to be darkest at Israel, or with Palestinians, yeah? They appear to be more or less Armenian-Italians who mostly found themselves in Eastern Europe. Odd, isn’t it?

Did you read that Gypsy article? I’m trying to set the mood to facilitate maximum understanding by hyperlinking to that.

Have you ever heard about this?

I’m trying to piece these migrations together

Everyone migrated to Europe. There were just some populations that resided there as far back as the Ice Age.

Gypsies are most commonly called Roma today because they were so densely concentrated in Romania. What was it that drove these various nomads to Eastern Europe?

Was it the Mongol Invasions? Those occurred in the 1200s.

Interesting the Gypsies passed through near Armenia in 1200.

I’ll just state my speculation of today clearly- do we have GENGHIS KHAN to blame for the Jews?

Did he “flush” these nomads into Europe?

Could they possibly have been “one society”?

there seem to be some common elements that suggest the Gypsies might even have been a lower class of the Khazars

The central question here revolves around the linkage between nomadism and criminality.

I suggest you read the comments under that Gypsy article too. What is said of Gypsies tends to be interchangable with Jews.

People of the most wretched caste of India fled west? I’ve written before about how Jews were a type of untouchable (chandala) caste among Muslims too.

Chandalas are worshiped as saints

Not all chandalas are the same; they are chandalas nevertheless.

That Unz site is basically the English version of shekina.mybb

Hello and good day to my non-gypsy readers. What are we to do with all these gypsies? I frankly don’t want to live on the same street as one of them, and I’d go as far as to say I don’t want any gypsies in my state, and that if bordering states had any gypsies I’d pity them.

“Jews aren’t gypsies, they’re great people!!” You’ve been brainwashed by gypsies, congratulations. Golems are half as bad as gypsies. This is the dire situation of the United States.

“Phew I’m glad Wagner only writes sci-fi and fantasy, and that none of this is real!” Right…

The fewer gypsies and golems in a city the better.

Honestly we never had a chance, we were damned from the get-go

 Under King James I, England began to deport Gypsy people to the American colonies, as well as Jamaica and Barbados. Dumping undesirables into the colonies became a widespread practice, not only Gypsies, but also “thieves, beggars, and whores” – these forming the early populations of North America.

Again, hello and good day to any readers who don’t relate to “gypsies” at all. It’s a lonely world for us.

Pretty much 90% of Jews I can think of give me a “gypsy vibe”. You might have to squint to see it. And if you recall this “ultimate knockdown” post of mine which definitively proved the legitimacy of the usage of the word “kike”, the percent rises to somewhere near 99.9%.

Think of the use of the word gypsy as a slur. Gypsy! The word kike is much more of an insult. What, haven’t you ever wondered about who’s worse, a Romani or a Jew? Who is the “true gypsy” of the United States? I think we know the answer to that. And that of course is another way of asking who the true nigger of the United States is. Just click the hyperlink in the above paragraph. All of you scum are done here. I am a scientist and I study YOU.

Look, these jesters keep returning to that statement

Nothing to see here

This reminds me- many years ago I had a Marxist friend who even openly hated gypsies. What’s that about?

I’m pretty sure most of my readers think I took the “Nazi telos” too far. That’s one reason for the perpetual redaction. In other words, where does it end? It starts with jews and blacks, and if you continue with the same logic all the white niggers would have to go too, and a surprising many fall under the latter category. Hey, I’m just consistent. I don’t want to be around gypsies. Why do you? It could only mean one thing if you wanted to… So again, good day to the non-gypsies.

Anyway, are you sure you weren’t psyopped at a young age to beautify gypsies?

Gypsies teaming up with hunchbacks – the future of the west, the present of the west.

This sounds familiar…

[My grandmother] was a gypsy and my grandfather was a grifter, but what I’d like to emphasize is that my grandparents did everything possible to hide it

This could be how the currently unborn will describe their millennial grandparents.

It’s all sci-fi fantasy don’t worry!!!!

Sickening people everywhere in the US.

And the gypsies and grifters want anyone who isn’t like them to be extinct.

It’s all sci-fi fantasy don’t worry!!!!


Huh, just learned that Picasso was a gypsy. How perfect. It’s too bad our pseudo-elites are carrying out the altogether wrong kind of “Great Reset”. We need most of our “culture” to be flushed.

Look, I bet you can relate to this

The futility of speaking to the gypsies and grifters is that it will only motivate them to make gypsies and grifters more sympathetic.

The dialectic continues

Gypsies are blacks with brains, Jews are gypsies with brains, i.e. not people you want as your ruling-caste.

I’m just sick of it all, I need to spend some time with non-gypsy, non-grifter friends, it’s been years…

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