I’ve been meaning to link you to this article of Dugin’s for a while because it seems more important than most

In European history, the Thirty Years War is seen as the border between the medieval order and the full-fledged onset of modern times. 

Boys just love war, don’t they? I concede that it is very stereotypical of me to fixate on wars.

The Thirty Years War was fought between Catholics and Protestants from 1618-1648. King Charles was executed by “Cromwell” in 1649. So this is part of the series of mine themed “This didn’t start with the French Revolution”.

While the two powers technically made “peace”, the Prots were the ones who ended up getting what they wanted, which was freedom from “POG” or Pope Occupied Government. The Vatican was supranational prior to this conflict (which resulted in 1 in 4 people of Europe dead)- afterward it was just one nation-state among others. In terms of Realpolitik, “a Vatican” didn’t go away, rather one “Vatican” replaced another Vatican, and that was the Protestant order.

The subtle secularization that Protestantism represented went hand in hand with the regression of the castes

The Peace of Westphalia coincided with the rise of the bourgeoisie, which at that time was waging fierce battles against the medieval order, where society was headed by the estates of priests and the military aristocracy. 

I’m sorry to break it to you that it isn’t sci-fi fantasy here. The castes have continued to regress from that time, and the standard is now something lower than bourgeois.

The Medieval Age is seen as something abhorrent today. And who wrote that history? I’m not sure it was written by non-bourgeois priests or members of the military aristocracy.

A provocative observation from Dugin

Catholic countries adhered to the old order farther than others, and the bourgeoisie finally triumphed in them only in the twentieth century.

If he’s right about this then it certainly explains why many are not allergic to certain “medieval” ideas that emerge on this site, i.e. the final triumph of the bourgeoisie was very recent, or in other words it has NOT utterly triumphed yet, because some people still yearn for the old order. Maybe YOU are an old soul- if you don’t homeschool your kids that’s probably going to die with you. That’s because the “Vatican” controls the schools, AKA the “state” controls the schools, the state which is something less than bourgeois.

I’m not going to larp as a Catholic. I have a temperament that relates to why Protestantism would’ve arose in the first place. And that same temperament also sees that Protestantism was a mistake–even if an inevitable mistake–one that can perhaps be reversed.

This is a euphemism for relativism which is itself a euphemism for Satanism in my opinion

Might makes right- the enshrinement of ~tolerance~ was decided by force.

That Dugin article is brief so I’m on the Rusnet now. You people who think of the Russians as Asiatic scum are probably PROTS yourself. They remained closer to the Catholics in their Orthodoxy.

Isn’t it a naive instinct to look back on old wars and think “Good”. It’s the natural attitude to believe might makes right. I’m not so sure about that. I see lots of rabble revolts throughout history. In fact we’re living in one right now in a sense. “I could NEVER admit what side I’m on in THAT!” I know, it’s real sad, disgusting orc.

Just look how people are today- how could they NOT be products of terrible trash winning wars? It couldn’t be any more obvious.

Sick of being a one-man army against the horde. Thanks for all the help everyone!! You deserve animalization for doing nothing. When you had the opportunity to say something against the kikes you probably said something against me instead. That’s a truly hopeless “person”. And what do you expect of a creature that is less than bourgeois by design? Yeah anyway good Dugin article- there IS a minority of survivors of the centuries of rabble revolts out there.

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