As a christblood myself I do have genuine care for the various bioleninists of the world, they just don’t like my advice. Brain surgery for the living, genetic alteration for the unborn are probably the best options.

I dunno if you caught my drift yet, I’m not exactly Catholic- for instance I’m not allergic to the idea of artificial wombs. There are implications to those I don’t think people want to wonder about though.

The idea of Jews finally having “redemption” is something jews will never understand without outside help.

If you want to solve the Fermi Paradox these are the things to keep in mind.

The worst abomination I can think of is someone who is 1. jewish 2. black 3. female. That might be the worst person on earth.

Is ANY redemption possible for such a person? Education won’t be enough, I suggest looking into brain surgery options.

“You’re POOR, who cares what you think?” Yeah maybe you noticed that rich people have been making money off calling me poor for years now, and that even people on the right want me hidden from public perception while lifting my ideas without ever giving me credit–what do you expect for someone who only cares about philosophy? I’m the only trustable person around, and my suffering proves it.

You can’t grow babies in vats. Women are already too self-centered for that. Pregnancy in the belly causes a bond between them and the infant, and without that the kid will probably grow up to be distant from reality, or god, or whatever you want to call it. Artificial wombs are a thought-experiment and not much more. I see single moms whoring themselves out on the internet sometimes and deduce “Their kid is clearly going to be a humiliating failure.”

Whether it’s women or jews or blacks or browns or white plebs, all their problems are essentially the same. Only brain surgery can help them. Some of us try with words.

Ironically, “ZOG” itself is a type of infant grown in an artificial womb. Blacks and browns and white plebs also live in an artificial womb. I want to abort you, you live in a world of lies, and you embody the lie.

For Jews to have true redemption they’d have to use their admirable intelligence to extensively detail the ways in which they are minions of the DEMIURGE, and how they have been servants of it for centuries.

I’d respect a black mamba if she declared in the public square how sick of NIGGERS she is.

There are ways to improve the various bioleninists, and virtually everyone is too afraid to deviate from the KIKE demands.

Like I said, the “apotheosis” of redemption and emancipation would be one of the children of spirit advocating for brain surgery. There is something nigger in there that we can cut out. I’ll finally talk to you like an equal, can you imagine that?


Until then I see mud everywhere and I don’t want to roll around in it.

“We nu-niggers of the monied-caste will continue making fun of you for being poor, and profiting off it!”

The situation we’re in, you know or you don’t.

What is truth?

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