Why is this spine-tingling to me?

“The enigma of Dante,” as Philippe Guiberteau puts it, “is that he is a convert.”

I’m back to that Straussian book on Dante I wrote about here. Shi’ism is just too extreme for people, plus Americans aren’t allowed in Iran, so that brings me to the next best option. Hypothetically, Mussolini could’ve been a Khomeini type if most of the world hadn’t been against him. And it’s magical thinking to believe he wasn’t some type of cladistic Catholic, as was Dante. “I don’t care about all you WOPs!” Says the person whose people probably sided with the kikes in the war. Your opinion doesn’t matter. By the way, I do actually feel that I am “without papers”, I just happen to have been born in this sad country. I saw this picture of Pelosi today and I thought “You make Ellis Islanders look bad” – I think the secret side of her is similar to me, she just takes it in a retarded direction. We call those “fake Catholics”. (I doubt we have any politicians who would merit the calibre of “fake Platonist” unfortunately.) This is something people don’t tend to know about Dante though- that he was a Platonist via Farabianism. He didn’t think the Bible was good enough so he put it upon himself to write a supplementary text or even “update” of the Bible. Do you think he himself deserves to burn in the “Inferno” forever for that?? Most people don’t think so. I talk of Yeats and Rilke, and it’s not certain whether they will be read in 100 years. In Dante’s case, he will. People don’t talk about this. It’s similar to Luria’s update of Judaism.

So while we’re here as Platonists, I believe church is mostly good for women, children, and plebs. And when women, children, and plebs are happy, then others are happy. If you think you’re “above” church, when is the last time you went to a confession booth? Does that thought give you “anxiety” at all? Most people are part pleb.

Are you familiar with the structure of Hell according to Dante?

When you look at the different circles of Hell it’s difficult not to feel some guilt welling up. That’s just being human, (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves).

Do you see yourself in any of those circles?

I HAVE to confess, that I see myself in a few of them. Let’s just say I use some of the sins to fight other of the sins that I find worse. Frauds especially I hope have felt thrown in a pit of darkness and tortured. A surface-glance at Dante’s rangordnung seems to yield the takeaway that violence is not as bad as fraudulence and treachery.

“He’s just making words up and trying to make me burn in Hell, it’s alright.” Would I ever do that??

You know it’s a common occurrence to hear Dante’s name in the same breath as Shakespeare’s, right? The first instinct to see him as “wrong” is one of those “pleb symptoms” of people who should probably be going to church.

“The churches in my city believe in the progressive religion!!” Yeah I know, it’s tough, that’s why I don’t go to church either. I think you catch my drift though.

Just flipping through that study, this catches my eye

Virgil is astonished at first to see that, despite his “wisdom,” Statius foolishly allowed himself to be conquered by avarice.

If you aren’t familiar with Dante, he uses Virgil as one of his main characters, i.e. a pagan poet as a protagonist. Dante is not narrow-minded in the stereotypical way you probably think of Catholics. He tries to synthesize what’s best in paganism with Christianity. Machiavelli (1469-1527) was probably just mimicking Dante (1265-1321) in many ways–and if you want to have some fun google “Dante and Machiavelli”.

Some of us do this, some of us have this spirit. Neech is obviously like a Virgil to me. Earlier today I was on a walk and was imagining a noose around Nietzsche’s neck and me pulling the other end of the rope – if you know you know, it’s a complex relationship.

In Iran they’d hang ME for my affinity with neech, so that’s one of those quiet virtues of the US.

“I’m never going to be Catholic so just shut up!!!!!!!” That’s how I feel too pretty much, I’m trying to “meme myself into it” because Shi’ism is too impossible. How ever you want to label the ZOG religion it’s optimal to reach a maximal distance from it. Not just for us “priests” either. We “autists” which might be a better term can have our Dante, neech, etc. and don’t need church per se- that’s not the case with the rest of our volk. Besides, who among us looked at those sins of Dante’s Inferno and thought “I’m perfectly innocent”?

This isn’t the first time I’ve gone on a tirade about this. It seems essential to the human being as such to rhythmically gather in solidarity regarding higher ideals. If that’s not happening that’s when the subhuman sets in. Where does this happen in our technological age? Social media is just the prog church except on the internet. What a paltry substitute. Have you ever deigned to attend a church service? I’ve experienced many denominations in person, mostly not Catholic, the latter’s just the kind that sticks out to me as at least close to sacred. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to say “against the system”, I don’t think much is going to change if people don’t gather weekly to worship God.

“It’s not the REAL God!!” Trust me, I know. That’s why we should think like Dante and wonder how we could improve upon the standard practice.

That way everyone is happy. Everyone except the kikes perhaps. Without God people are reduced to animality. Without a SOCIETY of fellow-worshipers “the real God” isn’t even possible in my opinion. Do you know how empty it’s felt over the years to study philosophy and theology alone? There’s an edge of despair there that’s always there. We’re social animals. God isn’t truly real unless you have other people you worship him with.

“I’m so esoteric though, no one will understand me.” Are you a baby? How did a baby learn to read? Try not to get gerber’s applesauce on the keyboard as you type. It’s possible to find common ground. If you ask me, poets and philosophers should be brought into sermons. The Bible isn’t enough. Let’s just get over it. When I look at Dante’s Inferno I feel like a Christian.

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