Only subhumans to talk to, so, no one to talk to.

Do you find my “rhetoric of dehumanization” manipulative at all? That’s never my intent, I’m only reporting my experience of the world.

I have an intuition this isn’t the first time this has happened in history. When I was born it was already over, so I just spend my freetime making apes feel bad about themselves, because what else is there?

I suspect that it happened in increments before too. Most of the brahmins are decimated in one generation, and in the next there is a miniscule amount remaining that is set on burning the world to the ground.

There is a caste that is going extinct and no one seems to care.

“You’re so dehumanizing, you’re such a BALLBREAKER, you’re so mean!” Uhh you can’t dehumanize someone that isn’t human, can’t break the balls of someone with no balls. And it’s only interpreted as “mean” by people who are my non-equals who do not laugh along with me at the filth.

You’d be surprised- Aryans of the choicest variety are unable to laugh with me. This surprised me as well. For whatever reason, when they hear amongst the din of typical flattery someone calling them a decadent grifter and a retard nigger they suddenly feel “guilty” and are unable to laugh. If you can’t laugh with me at these types then I am talking to no one.

What most don’t understand about “the death of God” is that it isn’t one isolated event. It happens step by step. Yes, I was born in the early 90s, and it was already pretty much done for at that point- that doesn’t mean there weren’t further steps toward ultimate depravity to be taken. Abstract concepts tend to turn dogmatic. It’s more accurate to think of the death of God as “the dying God”. Some of us are still here, some of us are still telling you you’re a piece of shit ape, and that’s a follower of the living God, or what’s left of him.

It’s a feeling that you have. There’s no scientific proof for it. There are only people like you that can confirm it. And other than that you only have your own intuition about yourself. Do you feel like an aristocrat stuck in a democratic America? You have the feeling or you don’t. Most people–again, in ways that have surprised me–are fanged apes who want all aristocrats to be dead, poor, alone, preferably all three.

Hello, maybe I missed you somehow. Lots of people have been banned and fired over the years and that makes it difficult to find them again.

I figured I might as well say hello, because the only time a “hello” matters is when it’s said by an equal, and you probably don’t get that very much. Life is pretty meaningless without any equals in it.

Hey buddy, imagine a jew reading this. They have to bribe and blackmail people into showing them respect. What I was thinking about the other day is, their natural state must be at some level of Dante’s Inferno. The jew is defined by a type of suffering. It’s the suffering of an exile that is being globalized.

I just don’t get it. I thought I understood humanity, and it surprises me that all of them want me dead for being the way I am. I had too much hope for them I guess, believed too highly in their potential. They’re just niggers not worth talking to.

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